Russell Hobbs has launched a brand-new multi-cooker with removable control panel to make every dinner easy

Russell Hobbs, one of the UK’s iconic household brands, has unveiled its brand-new Good to Go Multi-Cooker for 2021. The multi-cooker – available in major retailers across the UK – has a removable control panel to make every breakfast, lunch and dinner time easier!

The Good to Go Multi-Cooker’s removable control panel means that you can go from countertop to tabletop with your pot full of goodness to serve with ease. You can even then pop the dish straight in the dishwasher or sink to make cleaning after a meal an easy job.

As well as the removable control panel, the Good to Go Multi-Cooker has eight versatile cooking options so you can make a variety of tasty meals that make everyone feel at home. Whether you’re roasting meat or slow cooking casseroles, or even making flavoursome risottos, you can cook all kinds of tasty meals effortlessly in one pot. You can choose from: Sear, Roast, Sous Vide, Slow Cook, Steam, Rice, Boil and Keep Warm to make your favourite home cooked dishes.

Cooking a tasty meal to feed the whole family has never been easier; the Good to Go Multi-Cooker has an impressive 6.5L Capacity Pot to cater for everyone and is 59% more energy efficient than a conventional oven** so you can save energy whilst you cook. The strong, Durable* Cast Aluminium Housing on the cooking pot is designed to withstand wear and tear so you can get second helpings as many times as you please! Its appealing design and aesthetics means it is bound to take centre stage on any dining table.

With the Digital Program and Timer, the Good to Go Multi-Cooker lets you easily select your cooking setting and time. You can also take a sneak peak at the delicious meal you’re making through the tempered glass lid that has been designed to withstand high cooking heats. Its handy lid hanger also securely lets you hang your lid off the pot whilst you serve your food.

Faye Jones, UK Brand Manager at Russell Hobbs, comments: “The new Good to Go Multi-Cooker offers a modern sleek design, amazing functionality and powerful performance meaning you can cook your favourites for friends and family. What’s more, it’s easy to clean afterwards as once the control panel is removed, the dish can be put straight into the dishwasher!”.

“We wanted to provide customers with a variety of cooking functions without the need to have countless different products taking up valuable counter space. Cooking tasty meals for everyone to enjoy is really important and we’re confident that the Good to Go Multi-Cooker will be hugely popular with consumers with its eight versatile cooking functions we’re excited to see the nation cooking up a storm with ease!”

RRP: £79.99

The Good to Go Multi-Cooker is available to buy from For more information, visit

*Cooking pot has been tested on 100 cycles in the dishwasher.

** vs your conventional electric oven when cooking a whole roast chicken (Ave 1.4kg) at 190 °C