Multi-award winning Little Cooks Co – the fun, hassle-free activity for kids and parents…

The start of the New Year is a great time for families to form new lifestyle habits – whether this is cutting down on sugary snacks and screen time, or making more of an effort to spend time together and experience new things.

So if you’re in need of some inspiration to help kick-start a healthy and fun 2020 for the whole family, then look no further than Little Cooks Co, the UK’s first healthy cooking kit for kids. Fun, educational, affordable and will create lasting memories for all involved as a perfect ‘thing to do’ each month this year.

Little Cooks Co is a monthly subscription based recipe kit that’s posted through the letterbox, direct to kids, in a neat 100% recyclable box with compostable packaging. The box is packed with all the natural and healthy dry ingredients of that month’s delicious and nutritious recipe for kids to bake in the home.

Ideal for weekends at home, rainy bank holidays and after-school fun, Little Cooks Co is the perfect activity guaranteed to bring excitement to any child and parent / carer, promising to teach children to love cooking (an important life skill), the importance of healthy eating and to create happy family memories along the way.

Little Cooks Co Subscription

Month by month (cancel anytime) £12.99 incl postage

3 months (renews after 3 months, cancel anytime) £35.99 incl postage

6 months (renews after 6 months, cancel anytime) £59.99 incl postage

12 months (renews after 12 months, cancel anytime) £99.99 incl postage

Kits come complete with all of the dry, organic ingredients perfectly measured to make each recipe and also include a small activity or craft for children to enjoy while making their yummy bake.

Each recipe is fun and easy to make and has been designed by a registered nutritionist, so is free from all refined sugar and processed ingredients.

The recipes are designed to keep interest at heart, and take no longer than an hour to make from start to finish, so whether it’s Mum, Dad, Granny or Grandpa or favourite Uncle or Auntie – it’s a perfect monthly activity to break up a rainy day or simply to spend quality time with the little one you love.

Give and feel good

What’s more Little Cooks Co is a business with purpose. Every box bought pays for a vulnerable school child in the UK to receive a healthy breakfast through its partnership with the charity Magic Breakfast.

Little Cooks Co won an award for Children’s Gift of the Year 2019 by the Giftware Association and Best Kids Subscription Box 2019.

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