Movies That Can Jet You Off to Dreamy Gaming Locations

Everyone has those bucket list locations they dream about. Gaming and entertainment hubs such as Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, and Macau always rank high in this department.

However, not everyone has the spending power or time to just pack their shiny new luggage, and hop on a plane to such lavish destinations, there are thankfully other ways to sample the flavours, gaming tables, sights and sounds of these places.

Movies and TV shows are two avenues of entertainment that are certainly capable of transporting people to gaming halls and stage shows.

In this article we take a look at the motion pictures which have what it takes to bring the glitz and glamour to wherever a viewer may be in the world.

Las Vegas – The Hangover, Fear and Loathing, Casino

When it comes to mixing games and movies that linger long in the memory, Las Vegas in the American state of Nevada is always top of most peoples’ list.

Among the movies that have helped nurture this reputation are Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which used a book by Hunter S. Thompson as inspiration and paired Johnny Depp with Benicio del Toro. The movie centres around the protagonist’s deadline for an article he is writing, with him getting waylaid by the strip’s famous shows, table games, and pool parties.

If you are more into old school Scorsese cinematics than depictions of gonzo journalism, then Casino is still one of the best movies out there for whisking you away into the midst of Las Vegas casino resort glitz and glamour. In this movie, classic games feature throughout, with live versions of the same games people can now play on their mobile phones popping up in almost every scene. Indeed, it is not a bad idea to brush up on how the various parts of a roulette wheel or a blackjack table work before you tune in to this movie, so you can pick up on the subtle moves being made onscreen by Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci, and Robert De Niro.

Last but not least there is, of course, The Hangover. This is a kind of modern day, and more accessible, version of Fear and Loathing, as a bachelor party in Las Vegas gets progressively more out of control. Although games such as craps and roulette do feature across this series of movies, they are most memorable for the rich array of wacky characters who appear throughout; undoubtedly inspired by the sort of larger-than-life figures who tend to frequent Sin City.

Monte Carlo – Never Say Never Again, Golden Eye

There are few movie characters who are as synonymous with casino games as James Bond, with 007 always able to best his foes no matter the table game being played.

The one location that epitomises the Bond look is Monaco, whose Monte Carlo casino features both in Never Say Never Again and Golden Eye.

Either film certainly has what it takes to make anyone feel as though they are pulling into port on the deck of their very own super yacht, with every intention of giving the house a run for its money.

Macao – Dragon, Johnny English, Skyfall

For a bit of oriental flair and style, Macao has long been the destination that Eastern high rollers flock to.

This has not been lost on movie directors, many of whom have opted for the Chinese enclave to shoot pictures such as Johnny English, Skyfall, and Dragon.

Dragon is perhaps the most interesting of this trio of movies, as it depicts the life of a true Asian icon, Bruce Lee, a man no croupier or dealer would be in a rush to challenge over whether he won a hand or a spin.

Atlantic City – Standing in for When Other Destinations Get Too Expensive

One of the unsung heroes of movies that put games front and centre of everything they do is Atlantic City in New Jersey.

This is the place that movie directors on a tight budget go to if they want that Las Vegas feel but without the sky-high overheads.

Some well-known movies that were at least partly shot there include the Ocean’s series of movies as well as Rounders.