Molly’s Bohemian Circus…

In spite of the rain, we had an amazing turnout for our daughter Molly’s fundraiser. Our aim was to raise enough money to fund a placement with SLV. Global to work in the mental health sector in Sri Lanka.

The entertainment was nothing short of amazing. It all started with an acoustic swing duo called Helen and Alan who played whilst canapés (by Elm Valley Foods & Julie and Bethany Foster) and fizz were served. Kit Temple, from ‘Kit’s Kitchen’, provided chicken or vegetarian Thai Curry and Bijou Wines provided the wine. 

We were blessed with the most amazing virtuoso performance from Rebecadecca Doo on her electric violin, followed by Ella Sopp, EZ Rollers and Alex Banks who brought the house down with an amazing drum and bass set.

If that wasn’t enough, we had Jodie “ Topsy “ Harris with her exquisite voice, accompanied briefly by Finn Peall (unannounced) doing a very funny parody of a Christina Aguilera.

The rest of the evening was in the very good hands of DJ Barry Campbell, who played South American music.

Whilst all the above was underway, we had Suzanne Arnold the Storyweaver and Samanda Ford Psychic Medium doing what they do best.

The rain did not stop our hardcore guests dancing through the night.

Finally, to end such an amazing day, we had the fire-starter William Peall, who set off a ridiculously over the top Fireworks display!

The next morning, (as you can see from the pics), we had The Mexican Circus, Colectivo Embreve, perform their very skilful and evocative set, as it was too dangerous to perform in the rain. Thank you to Sea Change Arts for finding them for us.

It was a rather unusual fundraiser, you could say we gave Latitude a run for their money, but we raised the funds for Molly.

We must thank the following people for making the whole thing possible. William Peall, (he underpinned the event). To everyone who provided prizes for Raffle, served food and managed the bar (Scott Nathan), helped building stage (provided by Nicolas Garrod of Scenic Projects) and providing Marquees, tents, tables etc…  to Corey Payne for all his digging skills, you are all amazing thank you, not forgetting Tylar on security. And lastly, my lovely pal Rachel for sharing this article.