Meyer – Designer Cookware for the Modern Home Cook

This unique, mixed-material collection is full of delightful surprises, and really showcases our passion for design and the science of cooking.

Not only is it stunning, with matte black finishes and a touch of gold – it is also fiercely practical and highly unique.

The Accent 6 Piece Essential Set is a minimalist’s dream, designed to cook the widest variety of foods with the fewest possible pieces.

Formed by a female-led team of designers, engineers, and researchers, their mission is to solve problems you didn’t even know you had, celebrating fascinations in the subtleties of the cooking process: from the way food transforms as it hits the burning hot pan, to the way soup pour out from pan to bow

The Meyer philosophy is inspired by Japanese & Scandinavian minimalist design, underpinned by the vision of wanting to help everyone cook good quality food easily.

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