Mexpresso Martini

Get spooky with Black Fire Tequila this Halloween!

What is it? 

Black Fire combines three of earth’s most natural highs; coffee, tequila & a hint of chilli. Cold macerated & cut with 50% less sugar than other coffee liqueurs, it is superb drunk neat over ice or as a base for coffee cocktails.

Perfect for gifting

Black Fire’s exceptional taste and unique bottle design comes with an accessible price tag of £20.95 (Amazon). Hitting two big consumer trends of growth in coffee flavours & tequila, we hope this piques interest.

Tasting comment

 The liquid has the consistency of a spirit rather than a syrup which is down to using 50% less residual sugar. The ultimate goal in Black Fire’s taste was one of balance where no one ingredient overpowers the other, to create a seamless journey that reveals the best of Mexico. Coffee, tequila & a hint of chilli.

60ml Black Fire Tequila
30ml Fresh Espresso
Dash of vanilla syrup (optional)
Dark chocolate & 3 Coffee beans to garnish

Add all ingredients to a shaker filled with cubed ice. Give it a good hard shake to aerate and get a nice foam on the top. Finely strain into a martini glass. 

Garnish with shaved dark chocolate on top & 3 coffee beans

You can purchase Black Fire from Amazon here >  shop Amazon