Maternity bag essentials…

It’s always good to be prepared – this may be one of the most daunting bags you ill ever pack!

With the help of Boots this task couldn’t be easier with their fabulous range of products for new mums.

Whether this is your first child or you’ve been through the birthing experience before – having the right essentials on hand is so important as each birth is different.

Check out some of Boots best maternity items below:

Boots Maternity Perineal Spray Bottle, £12.50

Developed to help with washing and cleansing intimate areas postpartum. The bottle has been specially designed upside down to help care for intimate areas and avoid irritation.

Boots Cooling Maxi Pads, £10.99

Designed to help cool and calm your intimate area – these cooling maxi pads fit comfortably and provide instant relief.

Boots Inflatable Comfort Cushion, £9.99

The comfort cushion will help ease your intimate area while seated, helping you to sit more comfortably post birth.

Boots Reusable Breast Pads, £8.00

These reusable breast pads have a soft cotton lining and absorbent bamboo viscose core to protect clothing from breast milk leakage and keep you feeling dry and comfortable. The pads are shaped to fit the contour of your breast and are machine washable. 

Boots Disposable Breast Pads, £1.65

Made with plant-based materials, these soft and absorbent pads are perfect when on-the-go. The adhesive tape keeps the pads securely in place to keep clothing dry whilst still allowing skin to breathe.

Boots Organic Cotton Maternity Towels, £2

Specially designed for use pre and post-pregnancy, these new maternity towels are extra-long and thick to cushion and protect. A more sustainable option, the 100% organic top sheet is made from plant-based fibres, using less plastic than standard towels. 

Boots Maternity Bed Mats, £3.99

Ideal for use in the late stages of pregnancy and post-birth, these absorbent mats can be used to protect your mattress and car seats when your waters break.

Boots Breast Milk Storage Bags, £7.49

These pre-sterilised bags are designed for the storage of expressed breast milk in the fridge or freezer. The easy-seal leak proof bag is double walled for extra strength.

Boots Nipple Shields, £5.49

For use during breast feeding, these nipple shields reduce discomfort for sore or cracked nipples. The cutaway profile helps to maintain skin-to-skin contact with the baby.