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The award winning Flair Rugs company bring you the eco-friendly option for creating a stylish home.

The Herringbone Weave runner from the Natural Fibre collection features a simple design with the soft and neutral or grey base colour framed by a solid border in a choice of colours, which makes this a versatile piece that could subtly embellish a wide range of room decors.

Made from 100% Jute with an anti-slip backing ensures that the rug is hardwearing, strong, easy to clean and ideal for kitchen areas, dining rooms, or high traffic areas of your home. Herringbone Jute Rugs are manufactured using high grade Jute. Jute is a natural recyclable fibre making this range of rugs economically friendly.

Jute fibre is also considered to be the most environmentally friendly fibre at it is easily recyclable at the end of the product’s lifetime, so the Herringbone Weave hallway runner really has every base covered in being a product you can be proud to own.

The rug is stylish, functional and a popular choice around the home.

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