Maintaining your summer fitness through to winter…

By Matt Smith – Health and Fitness Expert

Although it may not feel like we’ve had the summer we deserved this year, don’t let your summer fitness goals hibernate as the seasons change.

As talks of bonfire night and Christmas whisper, it’s tempting to think of the dark cosy nights by the TV.

Seasons come and go and the kind of workout you enjoy may dictate how you train in the winter months. For example, if you enjoy running, going out on those cold rainy days is not going to bring you the same enjoyment as those, where as if you train indoors in the gym – you may be able to escape the elements a little easier.

To help you hit your fitness goals this winter, here are 10 ways to inspire yourself to exercise, regardless of the weather.

1. Invest in winter activewear

That feeling of stepping outside for your winter run on a freezing cold day can be enough to send you straight back through the door again. Having the correct activewear is essential, you need a seletcion of complimentary items that you can add and remove easily and layer up. You also need lightweight pieces so you can put in a back pack when needed without weighing you down.

A great activewear brand for all seasons is On Running.

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2. It’s all in the planning

A lack of planning leads to a lack of exercise and thats when motivation can dip.

However, if you plan your workouts in advance (with alternatives for unpredictable weather), your chances of following through increase dramatically. One of the key aspects about working out in winter is to make sure that you help your body recover well. Exercise recovery is so important when the seasons change – for example, if you’re used to attending a hot yoga class, make sure to stretch appropriately after so that your muscles don’t contract after feeling so loose and warm during your session.

3. Exercise inside

Aside from stating the obvious, joining a gym, if you’ve been enjoying outdoor workouts maybe it’s time to now switch to indoors? HIIT sessions are a great option if you have the space to do so. If you have weights these are also something you can work with in the comfort of your own living room.

Or perhaps start there – work up a sweat and then cool down with a run, you will be longing for the breeze.

4. Join a class or invest in a trainer

If you’re someone who needs more motivation joining a class (now restrictions allow) or booking a trainer can help you get in the mood for exercise even when you might not be feeling it.

Knowing that someone else is waiting on you is often enough of a motivator to ensure you don’t miss out.

Book a block and once you’ve invested the money it will motivate you to keep on going.

5. Try a new sport

Getting bored of the same exercise? Try something new, not only will this reignite your passion for exercise but its also a great way to meet new people.

So if you’ve always wanted to try martial arts, yoga or rock climbing, give something new a go this winter.

6. Challenge yourself

It’s always great to have a goal to work towards, once accomplished there is no better feeling.

So in the depths of winter set yourself a challenge, a personal best or a weight to aim towards, you will feel complete satisfaction once you’ve achieved this and remember summer will be back around again and you’ll already have that body ready and waiting.

7. Update your music playlist

Music can be the best motivator, as it gets colder and darker outside make sure your Spotify playlist is up to date with tracks that will get you pumped up. Ear buds are also a great training accessory so you are wireless and hands free.

8. Create a new routine

A set routine can keep you on course, especially if you know your training slot is 5-6pm on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then no matter what the weather you know you have to meet your time slot.

Make sure your workout bag is always packed and you are raring to go.

9. Monitor your progress

By keeping an exercise journal you can easily monitor your progress and see what results you are achieving. It also acts as another motivation source, as you won’t want want to miss a day!

Good stats to track are your weight, waist circumference and workout performance.

10. Become accountable for your own actions

If you’re struggling to get inspired to train this winter, try using accountability to keep you on the right path to reach your goals. Your inner voice has the power to decided whether you train or not, so this is where you will really have to use your will power.

If you can use a few of these simple steps to plan, prepare and motivate, trust me this winter will be a breeze.