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LRG Fitness – have you tried it yet?

LRG Fitness have created an online gym, along with tips and dietary advice, they provide tailored exercise workout videos for the entire family.

Workout anywhere, anytime…

LRG Fitness provides a new 20 minute high intensity and body weight workout every week. These tailored programmes will be sent directly to you avoiding the need for lengthy commutes to the gym as these exercises can be performed in the comfort of your own home, hotel room, office or even outside. With Christmas just around the corner LRG makes the perfect gift, ready to start that New Year resolution in 2017. 

About LRG

Founders Nina and Ben are a husband and wife team who initially met at St Marys’ University, Twickenham some 20 years ago.

“As we have grown older, and now with a family, lifestyle choices including diet are equally as important to us as it is for them. Wanting to combine our passion with our talents by offering a unique service that provides health and lifestyle benefits has driven us to form LRG Fitness”.



There are three memberships currently on offer, one for individuals, a family membership and a corporate membership. They include weekly tailored exercise videos sent directly to your inbox, nutrition ideas, lifestyle tips, track success, plus access to the LRG Fitness online community.

The benefits

You can workout from as little as 66 pence per day for an individual/couple or family membership.

You can save time. LRG’s HIIT workouts are designed to be, short and concise completed in 20 minutes or less, yet provide you with all the benefits. Burn more calories and fat in the 24hrs after a HIIT workout than conventional aerobic exercise.

Work out to a variety of tailored programmes designed and coached by former British Sports Aerobic champion Nina.

Sent directly to you each week to increase focus and ensure better results. Get leaner, stronger, healthier, more agile and improve sports performance. Get support on food
recipes, lifestyle ideas and advice.


For more information or to sign up, please visit or to request further details from Ben or Nina email them at

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