Lovevery Launches new product range; Play Kits, in the UK

The early learning system includes stage-based play essentials for children ages 0-3 and multi-channel content for parents

Lovevery the U.S-based early childhood brand, has launched its brand-new product range; stage-based subscription Play Kits.  Designed by child development experts, The Play Kits help parents make the most of playtime at every stage and support child brain development from infancy through toddlerhood.

Each of the 14 stage-based Play Kits—serving ages 0–36 months—is packed full of expert-designed Playthings and information, delivered at just the right developmental window every 2–3 months. 

The Play Kits for babies (0–12 months) include toys and tools for building new neural connections and practicing fine and gross motor skills. The Play Kits for toddlers (months 13- 24) support a child’s natural curiosity by building new skills and encouraging exploration. The Play Kits for two-year-olds (25–36 months) encourage a child’s budding independence and teach early science and math lessons. All Lovevery Play Kits also include Montessori-inspired board books with real images and stories of real people, along with a Play Guide that includes expert research, child development info, at-home activity ideas, and ways to play.  The range of Play Kits was created from years of play studies, prototype testing and consulting with leading child development experts.

The Play Kits program subscriptions start at £40 per month, with flexible payment options. Lovevery personalises each subscription to a child’s birth date/adjusted birth date and families keep the kits for more advanced learning and play as a child grows.

The Play Kits are Montessori-aligned and designed with a team of experts, academics, researchers, and specialists.

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