Las Vegas: Why You Don’t Need a Fortune to Travel to the Entertainment Capital of the World

Las Vegas is beloved by millions. The lure of Vegas is so strong that people who have never been put it on their bucket lists! But LV is a gift and a curse. After all, you need a lot of money to do it “properly.” Right?

That’s the presumption, particularly as the main draw in the Nevada desert has plenty to offer, from casinos to magic shows and concerts. And, while it’s incredible to experience it all, the key is to touch down at McCarran airport and absorb a world you have never seen before, and won’t see again anywhere else.  

You don’t need a tonne of cash to do it, and here’s why.  

Flight Volume  

McCarran might be a tourist spot, but it’s hard to put the demand into words. So, we’ll let some stats do the talking. Did you know that there are 97 flights per week from London to Las Vegas alone, according to Or that Manchester now flies directly to McCarran airport, too? This means finding an inexpensive mid-week flight isn’t as difficult as you might imagine due to the volume. January is the perfect time to travel by plane as it will set you back less than £350. When you add affordable rooms into the mix on the other end, you can tick off “find transport and accommodation” from your to-do list.  

Online Casinos  

If you’re worried about the poker tables and roulette wheels, you shouldn’t get too far ahead of yourself. Yes, gambling is stereotypically Vegas, and going to Vegas without placing a bet is sort of counterproductive, but there are ways to keep it cheap and cheerful. Opting for an online casino instead of a traditional betting establishment is a prime example since they give new customers excellent bonuses when they sign-up, as highlighted by the numerous offers on Plus, because you are in the Gambling Capital of the World, you can log onto the WiFi on the casino floor to add to the feel of legitimacy and authenticity. If you get thirsty during your virtual session, don’t forget to score free drinks by tipping the waitresses!  

Free Activities  

Nothing is free in this world, or so the saying goes, but Las Vegas puts this to the test. Okay, the biggest draws cost money, and you’ll have to pay for the pleasure, yet this doesn’t mean you’ll have a bad time if you’re low on funds. After all, wandering around the casinos and taking in the atmosphere is exciting enough. However, if you need to spice things up, you can drop by the Bellagio fountains to watch the world-famous water display, or soak up the atmosphere at the bustling Fremont Street. Budget trips to Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon are also doable from your Vegas base. Last but not least, has more info on a city pass.  

A trip to Las Vegas doesn’t have to cost the Earth, which is why there is no excuse to avoid visiting. If anything, you’ll love the different and varied experience that you get compared to the status quo.