La soupe a l’oignon

French onion soup

To serve 4/5


• Large onions 6 each

• Unsalted butter 50g

• Plain flour 1 tbsp.

• Brown chicken stock 1 lit

• Baguette bread 1 each

• Gruyere cheese 150g

• Chive 1 bunch

• Scarlet cress 1 punet

• Salt and pepper



• Slice the onions finely.

• Using a heavy pan, cook the onions on a medium heat in butter until golden brown.

• Bring the chicken stock to simmer in a saucepan and leave aside.

• Add the flour to the onions and stir for about

1 minute.

• Add the brown chicken stock to the onion mix and cook covered for 25 minutes.

• While the soup is cooking, slice the bread baguette and dispose the slices on a baking tray.

• Toast the bread both sides until the hot oven grill (or use a toaster)

• Grate the Gruyere cheese and arrange on top of the toasted slices of baguette bread.

• Once the soup is cooked, season with the salt and pepper and pour into bowl.

• Melt the cheese under the grill and serve the hot bread with some chive and scarlet cress.