Keeping fit in lockdown with Gilates…

You may have heard of Pilates but have you tried Gilates?

We put our editor, Rachel Ducker, through her paces over lockdown on a weekly course for one month. Read about her experience below…

“Before I had my first child a year ago I used to exercise everyday. I would go for a short ten minute run followed by a ten minute abs routine.

During pregancy I slowed down but maintained a small amount of exercise by participating in pregancy yoga.

Once I had my baby, as he arrived via emergency c-section – recovery time for me was a lot slower than a usual pregancy. I really struggled to get back into my routines as I was in quite a bit of discomfort for many months, but over the year I have been building myself back up slowly.

Then of course lockdown hit us, and with little motivation I started to struggle!

With the wonders of technology, luckily I came across Georgia and her Gilates classes, and the best thing was I could do a one on one class with her from the comfort of my own home via zoom!

The benefits to this… no travel time, no rushing around, no breaking the rules of lockdown and a class in my own comfortable surroundings, plus it still meant I could attend with a young baby (and my dog Archie too)!

Georgia is a qualified Pilates instructor, teaching Mat, Reformer and Equipment Pilates based in London, so I felt very grateful to be able to access Georgia via her zoom classes, if it were not for lockdown – who knows – we may never have met?

For me after one session, I soon found that Pilates had the perfect balance of stretching and toning for me post baby. The breathing is slightly different to what I have experience in my previous yoga classes but after a few sessions it all starts to click into place!

Pilates is a great way to strengthen your body, improve posture, flexibility as well as relieve stress and tension.

If you are able to practise Pilates regularly you will notice the benefits, not only in your general fitness but also your health and wellbeing. 

By my third session my body had really started to adapt to the exercises and that one slot of the week became a time I could switch off, focus on myself (not my husband, child or work) and gave me that little bit of self care I was in need of.

Georgia as an instructor is amazing, she knows just the right amount to push you and although I haven’t met her in person comes across as a warm and kind person, she is very easy to talk to and takes the time to understand your need for each class.

One month on, I feel more flexible, strong in my body but also strong in my mind. Exercise is not just good for its physical elements but also its mental ones.

So if you are stuck at home at the moment and perhaps thinking of starting an online class, get off the sofa and check out Gilates”.

Georgia runs regular classes online that can be found here >

You can view Georgias website here >

Bounce Magazine would like to thank Georgia for her time teaching Rachel over the past month.