Kate Louise

Kate Louise is based in Cabello Hair and Beauty in Halesworth. Owner Kate told Bounce the story of how her business came to fruition with the help of her loving nan.

It was on her birthday that she was asked by her nan to choose a gift of her choice – Kate said she wanted to have permanent eyebrows. Little did she know that this gift would lead to the start of a new career. Sadly Kate’s nan passed away but with her help, Kate was able to start her growing empire.

As well as offering permanent make up solutions, she also provides eyelash extensions and nail treatments – including Acrylic or Hard IBD Gel Nail Extensions.

Our editor Rachel popped along to visit Kate at her salon, here’s what she thought…

“As the lockdown restrictions eased I made the decision to accept a press trip to Greece. Usually when I go away its a ritual for me to get a manicure and pedicure, and lets just say its been a while since my nails were given any TLC after being stuck at home with a one year old since March!

Luckily Kate was there to save my cuticles from further embarrassment!

I have known Kate since we were young and both worked at a local pub, but it was my first time as her client.

Her room at Cabello is relaxing and calming as is Kate the moment you walk through the door.

My hardest decision is always which nail colour to pick, this time I went for a bright and bold holiday colour called ‘Beach Party’ – and yes… I am a matcher so I have to have fingers and toe colour matching!

I have to say I really enjoyed my hour and a half with Kate, not only did I feel utterly pampered and renewed but I also loved having a chat and catching up with her.

It was great to hear all about the story of her business and more about semi permanent make up (something I knew little about).

So to recap – permanent make up is a cosmetic technique which employs tattoos (permanent pigmentation) as a means of producing designs that resemble make up, such as eye lining, eyebrow enhancement, lip enhancement and other permanent enhancing colours to the skin of the face, lips, eyelids and brows. Below is full list of what’s what in case you are interested in speaking with Kate about her techniques.” 


Having the right shape brow

Can open up your eye area and make you look years younger, wouldn’t it be great if you could wake up with perfectly groomed eyebrows which you didn’t have to spend 20 minutes drawing on, only to realise half way through the day you have wiped your eyebrow off.

If your brows are thin from overplucking

Become sparse brows and uneven or are just completely shapeless, booking in for your permanent makeup treatment will be the best thing you have ever done, and you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t do it sooner. At the consultation you can relax with a drink while we discuss the issues you have with your brows. I have dealt with clients who suffer from alopecia or who have lost their brows due to chemo treatment, my sympathetic approach makes my clients feel at ease and confident with the treatment they will receive.

We will discuss, shape, colour and style

As permanent makeup heals under the skin with a powdery look the final result is always soft and natural, so even if you decide to have a makeup free day, your brows won’t overpower your face. If you want a more dramatic look for an evening out just follow your perfectly designed brow and add conventional makeup over the top.

Clients are always worried about colour choice

It’s the first question they ask even before having a consultation. The great thing is each colour is custom blended at the appointment. I look at your natural hair colour and analyse your underlying skin tones so that the colour I blend for you will heal beautifully in the skin. By applying your custom colour just above your brow, I can show you what the healed-in result will be so you can relax knowing that your brows won’t look too dark or out of place.

Before you leave

I will give you an aftercare pack containing your healing balm and some clean cotton buds with an aftercare sheet explain how to look after your new brows


Having a subtle lash enhancement

Can open your eye, give you fabulous definition, and enhance the lash line. Just imagine no more panda eyes! This treatment is great for people who have poor eyesight, unsteady hands, are allergic to conventional makeup, and those who exercise.

If you want to enhance your lash line

Giving an illusion of fuller lashes, I can implant small dots between the lashes on the lower lid and pigment a thin line though the top lashes.

Throughout the treatment your eyes remain closed

I will hold them taught to avoid twitching and the topical anaesthetic will counter any discomfort.

Most clients describe this treatment as a tickle through the lashes. So for gorgeous flirty eyes – book in for a lash enhancement.


Lip treatments are great!

If you’re unhappy with the fullness, shape and colour of your lips then a lip treatment is perfect for you.

Every treatment is bespoke.

Tailored to your needs. A lip liner can enhance and correct the shape of an uneven lip line. A lip blush can give a 3D effect of fuller lips, not only enhancing the lip line, but by blushing the colour into centre of the lip, it can make the lip look fuller.

From next month Kate is also going to be offering Dermaplaning – so stay tuned!

Contact Kate Louise to arrange an appointment


 or call:  07554 424 083

***Thank you to Kate Louise for gifting this treatment***