Is your business ready for Christmas?

By Paul Sullivan, Senior Manager, Commercial for Lloyds TSB Commercial

With the festive period fast approaching, now is the time when many businesses, in a range of sectors, will face a huge uplift in demand for their services.

While an increase in custom is obviously good news for businesses, it can be a poisoned chalice if you are not properly prepared to meet the demand. Below is a list of some points to consider, and actions to implement, to ensure you meet the festive challenge.

Bad weather

We all remember the havoc that last winter, one of the coldest on record, caused when heavy snowfall brought many parts of the country to a standstill. If snow makes another appearance this year, have you considered how it will affect you?

Do you have contingency plans if your suppliers can’t make deliveries?

If you or your employees can’t get to the business premises, is working from home an option? Forward planning will help prevent a loss of productivity due to weather.

Increased demand

Of course, if you do have adequate staff cover and you manage to overcome the weather, it will all be for nothing if you don’t have enough stock to meet demand.

Make sure you have ordered in additional goods to meet the Christmas rush. If you do sell out of items, ensure you know if and where you can order additional units. Remember, if you can’t meet demand, your competitors probably will.

Christmas cover

You may be a sole trader, have a few employees, or a large workforce. Whatever your situation, it is vital that you have enough cover over the Christmas period.

Also make sure you have clearly communicated to your customers when you will be operating over the festive period. There is no point ensuring you have adequate staff cover if customers do not know you are open!

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