Is the pet life for you?

When’s the last time you did something a little bit different? If you’re taking a while to answer that question then listen up.

Admit it we all love a furry friend. But a new addition to the family is a big choice and commitment.

There are several things we should consider before opening our homes and hearts!

Depending on the pet chosen, different things should be considered and to different degrees. Make sure you’ve taken the time to think about each of the following…

Do we have the space?

What are we dealing with here… a rabbit, a dog, a cat or a horse? It’s common sense that a bigger animal will need more space than a smaller one. But consider what facilities you will need to keep this pet happy and healthy. Will it need a garden, a cage or a run?

Do we have the time?

Whatever the pet, a certain amount of your time will need to be dedicated daily. From just putting out food and water to exercising walks, it’s a good idea to decide who is going to be responsible for what. If you’re working full time away from home will the pet be okay left unsupervised for the majority of the day? Different animals have different needs in order to live a happy and fulfilled lifestyle. Sure a fish doesn’t need fresh air but a puppy does! Consider how your lifestyle is going to affect theirs.

Do we have the knowledge?

It’s important to do the research before bringing your new family member home. For example are there certain foods that they should never come into contact with. Don’t ever offer your dog chocolate- it’s poisonous to them! Along with grapes and a selection of other things you may have previously thought would be a nice treat for them. Does the animal like to be around other animals or live alone? Are there specific health problems/conditions I should be aware of and look out for?

Do we have the money?

Pet insurance can be expensive! Even if you decide not to ensure the pet remember to think about how much your pet will cost in other ways. Allowance for pet food will need to be budgeted in to your monthly outgoings and some rainy day money for those unfortunate visits to the vets- I’m not sure who likes those least, us or them! Remember that your pets will need looking after if ever you go away, so make sure there would be someone available to help with this or you have funds for the kennels.

Being a pet owner (parent!) can be very rewarding. I’ve grown up with animals and I couldn’t imagine my family home without them. Dog’s aren’t man’s best friend for nothing – A shout out to Ted for getting me through my first heartbreak! Billy, for welcoming me home every weekend and to Betty for letting us know whenever the postman’s here. Remember, PETS are for life, not just for Christmas.