Is it worth buying from a butcher? Pros and cons of butchers vs. supermarkets

One of the biggest decisions that you make on a week-to-week basis is where to get your meat from. If you are looking for a cheap and convenient option, then the supermarket may often win the day for you. However, if you are planning a more substantial meal then you may opt for the butcher shop route. They can provide a quality and fresher source of meat than can be found in a supermarket.


One of the main appeals to buying your meat in the supermarket is the convenience of being able to purchase it on the day you are shopping with the rest of your produce. As well as this, it is often cheaper than going straight to the butchers. You can buy in bulk and freeze what you don’t use. Again, this sacrifices quality but the convenience is there. Going to the butchers on the other hand can be more stressful. You won’t know until you try the butchers if it is any good and it may take time for you to find the right shop.

To combat this, there has been an upsurge of UK online butcher shops. This allows for you to organize a delivery when it is convenient for you. Though this will take more planning on your part.

Quality of meat

The meat that you get from a butcher will likely be sourced from a local farm. This ensures a fresher product and allows for the butcher to ensure the quality of the product as they can track your meat from the farm to your plate. Whereas supermarket meat is usually packaged in a factory and is then left on the shelf to be bought. It may take weeks up before you get access to the product. In terms of quality, the supermarket will always struggle to compete with a butcher.


The cost of a butcher vs a supermarket is something that is well established. As previously mentioned, the higher quality of meat demands a higher cost. However, this does not mean that you will be charged extortionately for the meat you get. You also have more choice in the type of meat that you want to eat. This can include whether your meat is grass or grain-fed or if you want the meat to be from a certain region. This is why you pay more.


Supermarkets are known for their friendly customer service. The people that work in supermarkets are likely given strong training but will not reach the heights of a master butcher from a butcher shop. A butcher shop can give a more personal service and will be able to give you hints and tips on how to cook the meat. Equally, you will be able to request whichever meat you want that a supermarket may not be able to provide.

Butchers vs. Supermarkets

It all comes down to what you want to do. You can spend more money and get a higher quality of product however, you can still enjoy a delicious meal made from supermarket products at a fraction of the cost.