Introducing the El Rayo Tequila x Holalou collaboration

Bringing the true taste and spirit of modern Mexico into our homes

The vibrant colours, rich culture and intoxicating raw energy of modern Mexico may be more than 5,000 miles away from the UK. However, El Rayo, a premium 100% agave tequila, created to represent and celebrate modern Mexico, is bringing the real taste and true spirit of Mexico right into our homes, thanks to an exclusive partnership with world renowned artist, Holalou

Forget sombreros and cactuses; this first of its kind fusion of art and tequila gives you the real insight into what Mexico has to offer, through three beautifully unique prints, which have been inspired by our favourite Mexican export, tequila. 

Made with the beautiful, slow-grown, blue agave plants, El Rayo has always been about real depth and meaningful interaction. By taking a step back, slowing the pace with a tequila and tonic and appreciating fine Mexican art, El Rayo will transport you to a world of Mexican culture and vibrancy. Completely elevating the experience of enjoying some drinks at home, sipping El Rayo whilst admiring Holalou’s work is sure to be a memorable experience.

Holalou’s use of bright colours, contrasting shapes and simple lines beautifully represent the diversity of her Latin roots. The three distinctive prints focus on the journey that El Rayo Tequila makes, from the blue Agave plant being grown in Mexico’s highlands, to the simple El Rayo Tequila and Tonic serve.  

1.  Te cuento mi historia’  translates to ‘I’ll tell you my story’ referencing the story behind the El Rayo name and its lightning emblem. It depicts the myth behind the beautiful creation of tequila, adding colour and vibrancy to this unexpected, natural gift from Mother Nature. Also referenced is the endless lands and the huge bright sun that shines over Mexico, with vivid colours that evoke a sense of positivity and even magic. After all, the tequila story itself is something quite unimaginable and beautiful. 

2.  ‘Se hace de noche’this piece puts the blue agave – tequila’s only ingredient – in the spotlight. The plants take eight years to mature and grow strong on rich Mexican soil. Honouring its greatness and simplicity, Holaou also makes reference to the unique landscapes in Jalisco. A place where you can appreciate the majesty of dusk falling down and you can clearly see both the moon and the sun in one place.

 3.  ‘Fresco’- which means ‘fresh’ or ‘refreshing’ in Spanish and is exactly how Holalou described her first El Rayo Tequila + Tonic. For her it really is the perfect drink to wind down and take a moment for yourself. The serve is so simple and yet you feel in this artwork the intricate artisanal process behind it and the natural/fresh herbal, refreshing taste it leaves you with 

Hang the Holalou art on your walls and pour yourself a refreshing El Rayo T&T (Tequila & Tonic), with lots of ice, tonic and bittersweet grapefruit garnish. Sit back and take a moment to immerse yourself in the spirit and taste of modern Mexico, all from the comfort of your own home. 

The three distinctive prints are available to buy as of 1st September 2020, from 

El Rayo’s Print Store

Per print, RRP: £49.95 per print
Print + tequila, RRP: £74.95