Award winning pregnancy skincare brand mama mio, is delighted to announce the launch of their new baby skincare offering, mini mio. Naturally powered skincare, designed to deliver feel good moments of connection between parents and their children, the range consists of six products all with baby safe formulas.

Packed full of natural ingredients to soothe, nourish and protect, mini mio is made for mini’s and everyone who cares for them. A healthy skin barrier is vital for a baby’s wellbeing. It is the first line of defence against irritants, allergens, pathogens and environmental attack, to protect the body against infection and disease. In addition, baby skin is thinner and more permeable than adults therefore leaving it more prone to dryness. Harnessing the properties of natural oils, mini mio formulas respect the microbiome of babies’ skin as it continues to mature and develop throughout the first years of life.

Formulated with skin nurturing omega rich complex including shea oil to help condition the skin, avocado oil to keep skin moisturised and coconut oil to support the skins natural barrier, mini mio products work in harmony to gently cleanse, support against water loss and calm and soothe dryness. The collection is dermatologically, and paediatrician approved for parental pieces of mind.

Each product is designed to help you connect with your baby and care for every mini moment during the day. From bath time to bedtime rituals, these bonding moments are not just for parents but for all the important figures in your baby’s life. Encouraging massage moments to aid sleep and deeper connections, to sensorial and playful bubble baths, mini mio bookmarks mini moments full of love throughout the day.

In line with mama mio’s commitment to tread gently on the planet and protect future generations, all mini mio products are vegan and cruelty free with 100% natural fragrances.


Sweet Cheeks Moisturiser 150ml | RRP £10.00

A gentle face and body lotion which helps to protect skin from dryness. Enriched with Cottonseed Oil and packed full of Vitamin E and antioxidants properties to help moisturise and calm irritated skin. Dermatologically tested and paediatrician approved, *98% of consumers trialled agreed the moisturiser left baby’s skin looking and feeling protected from dryness.

TO USE: Smooth a thin layer over your baby’s face and body after bathing or before you go out and about.

Comfort and Calm Bum Balm 50ml | RRP £10.00

Helps to create an extra protective barrier on baby’s skin without disrupting the natural microbiome. Formulated with cocoa butter and sunflower wax to calm the appearance of redness and nourish skin, *95% of consumers trialled agreed it reduced the appearance of redness caused by rubbing of nappies.

TO USE: Rub in gentle circular motions all on baby’s skin. Most recommended as a nappy cream – however, can apply anywhere required

Tub Time Cleansing Bubble Bath 200ml | RRP £10.00

Create a sensorial and fun bath time routine with the Tub Time Cleansing Bubble Bath. Sulphate and paraben free, the bubble bath contains amino acid derived detergents to gently cleanse without stripping the skin. Formulated with Skin Nurturing Omega Rich Complex to soothe and nourish, *92% of consumers trialled agreed bubbles helped to create a fun bath time.

TO USE: Pour a glug into warm running water. Rinse well after use.

Oh So Clean Foaming Hair and Body Wash 150ml | RRP £8.00

With an easy to use pump, this creamy body wash gently cleanses hair and skin to keep it fresh and nourished. Formulated with natural ingredients including chicory inulin to hydrate protecting against dryness and natural betaine to retain moisture, *93% of consumers trialled agreed baby’s hair and skin felt silky soft after use.

TO USE: Pump foam and rub gently all over the body and hair. Rinse well after use.

Mini Moments Massage Gel 100ml | RRP £12.00

Creating moments of bonding, this unique gel formulation is easy to apply and contains natural olive oil to nourish delicate skin. With soothing 100% natural fragrances, gentle massage movements are said to deeper the connection between parent and baby, as well as aid babies sleep. *100% of consumers trialled agreed baby’s skin was left looking and feeling comforted.

TO USE: Squeeze a small amount into your hands, rubbing them together to warm up the gel. Use gentle circular motions when applying.

Beddy Byes Soothing Bath Soak 150ml | RRP £8.00

A perfect accompaniment for a night time routine. Calming properties of 100% natural lavender fragrance promote relaxation to aid a good night’s sleep whilst sweet almond oil containing vitamin A can help acne/scarring and balance the absorption of moisture and water loss. Creating a soft, milk bath, 100% agree it felt gentle on baby’s skin and 95% agreed it worked well as part of a night-time routine.

TO USE: Pour a glug into warm running water. Rinse well after use

Mini Mio will be available to buy from from October 2021.