Introducing High Water

High Water’s mission is to bring great taste without compromise to those who have a love of the waters edge and the Great British Outdoors.  The perfect accompaniment after a freshwater dip or a beach-side stroll, with all natural ingredients and under 100 calories per can this is an alcoholic drink for Brits who grab life by the paddles and who like to enjoy the moment, without undoing the good from their active lifestyles.

Made in the UK with only the finest natural ingredients, triple distilled vodka for smoothness and Cotswolds spring water,  High Water is a gently effervescent drink that is a delight for the taste buds.

Founded with a love of the waters edge, and the great British outdoors, the three flavours were all lovingly crafted for the British palate, Lemon & Elderflower, Cucumber & Mint and  Mango & Peach, are all made with an uncompromising focus on taste whilst still managing to be under 100 calories per can.

Founder of High Water, Nick Britton, says:

“This year has limited our international travel, which has encouraged many of us to find adventure and beauty on our doorsteps – whether that be exploring our local parks or enjoying a coastal staycation. I wanted to create a product that encapsulated the beauty and sophistication of the waters edge and the positivity that when the tide is high, everywhere looks more beautiful. 

High Water can be enjoyed all year round; following a sunny, bracing, beach or riverside walk, or sipping at a hot summer BBQ.  A drink to enjoy when catching up with friends, for people who love to get the most out of life.”

Built with the health-conscious, go getter in mind, High Water is made with all natural ingredients, is low in sugar and under 100 calories per can – allowing consumers to enjoy the party without undoing all the good from their active lifestyles. In High Water’s words, “it is designed for those who soak up all that life has to offer, for those who know how to enjoy the moment without compromising their dreams for tomorrow.”

Bringing a whole new meaning to drinking responsibly, High Water has a mission to look after the planet. It’s packaging is plastic free and recyclable. 1% of all profits will also be donated to Just One Ocean, a UK registered marine conservation charity with a mission to protect the ocean that gives us all so much.

RRP £2.50 per 250ml can

5% ABV