Introducing Altrafloor…

Great design, on floors…

Flooring can often overlooked as a design solution, but Altrafloor offer superb solutions for cutting-edge flooring.

They design their flooring to improve the experience people have in the spaces they occupy. This makes it an exciting, innovative and fun part of interior design.

They use the latest trends with pioneering new manufacturing processes to create Atrafloor and it can be ordered to fit any room, no matter the size or shape.

What is Atrafloor?

Atrafloor is a durable printed vinyl flooring that can produce a limitless range of design options.

It is a world first, and world leader in floor design. Because they custom print every order, they don’t need to hold stock. This means they can offer a more innovative, creative and wider selection of flooring design than anyone else.

The Complete Guide to Atrafloor…

A step by step guide of the Atrafloor experience.

1. Choose a design

It all starts with a design and we offer one of the highest quality and largest selections of floor designs in the world. You’re sure to find the perfect floor for you.

Browse designs

2. Measure your floor

No matter what size or shape your room is, you are able to use Atrafloor. Measuring your floor couldn’t be easier with their floor measuring guide. See here >

3. They produce & deliver

They make all their products to order, allowing them to offer a wider range than traditional flooring companies. This allows a fast 4-6 week lead time.

4. You install

Standard installation is used when fitting, and we provide detailed step by step guides for you or your fitter to make installing easy.

So there you go, all you need to do now is to find your design!

Keep an eye out for our Bounce cloakroom makeover featuring Altrafloor this summer.

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