Industville Lighting – Part one – The Bedroom…

(Image Supplied by @ruthzoo, Ruth Hill)

Industville are the makers of handcrafted, high-quality, uniquely designed industrial style lights and furniture.

They pride themselves on making each product from the highest quality materials such as raw copper or brass and individually hand finished to ensure an authentic individual quality is retained – holding true to the feel that is unique to vintage fixtures.

Having worked a variety of homeowners, distinguished retail, leisure and hospitality companies such as: Jury’s Inn, Jamie Oliver’s Restaurants, Pizza Express, Ask Italian, Zizzi, Las Iguanas, Costa Coffee, Café Nero, SuperDry and Lush, in addition to smaller scale interior projects and retail customers, Industville offer amazing lighting solutions for many different and unique spaces.

Our editor Rachel Ducker talks about her experience with the brand when making over her home starting with her bedroom… 

“There are so many lighting companies out there… but I was looking for something specific, something special.

When it comes to interiors, most people spend a lot of time choosing the perfect furniture, deliberating over cushions, curtains and bedding, and arranging prints and photographs on the wall – but the thing a lot of people forget to consider is lighting.

For my home makeover I wanted to use a brand that could offer me lighting solutions that could become the stand out feature of my rooms and ones that were fully customizable.

On most home make over shows at the moment (most recently I have been watching a lot of George Clarke), the emphasis is focused heavily on lighting and how it can be used to make your rooms sing.

To me, having the right lighting is essential. It can make the simplest of a spaces magical, but if you get this wrong or perhaps overlook it, you could end up with a pretty average and boring room.

So in this first post I will start by explaining how I have selected my bedroom lighting with Industville for our home makeover feature which will be published at the end of August…

My bedroom…

With a new baby on the way I want to create a relaxing space where my baby and I can escape to – somewhere for a bit of peace and quiet – or for cosying up with my latest favourite TV series in bed.

On the flip side I also want good lighting for when I get dressed or when I want to read at night. You could say I want to include a lot of different elements fit for all purposes! I don’t ask for much hey?

I asked the support team at Industville if their lights were dimmable, to which I was told all of their products had this feature, which was great news as I have instructed my electrician to use dimmer switches on all points, so I can control the amount of light, creating various atmospheres.

The space beside our bed is far too tight for bedside lamps – but there is a solution.

Brooklyn Glass Dome Pendant – 8 Inch

We have gone all out with some hanging pendant lights, which will hang all the way down from our vaulted ceiling on either side of the bed. This will not only frame the bed but it will also emphasise the feature of a vaulted ceiling and will create perfect mood lighting.

Controlled by two light switches on each side these will make the best bed side buddies!

With ribbed glass pendants, they have a retro design that’s bound to capture the attention of all who see it. Just what we wanted!

The classic glass design will disperse the light in an atmospheric way, casting shadows and creating an ambient environment. They are the perfect blend of the industrial and the classic with a black fabric flex which will pick out other black designs features we have going into the room. We selected the brass pendant option but is also pewter and copper options available.


On the main vaulted beam, we decided to mimic the bedside lighting with a slightly large 12 inch pendant.

Brooklyn Glass Dome Pendant – 12 Inch

What I love about Industville is that they have collections, so you can match different styles of fixtures but keep the same look. Great for domestic spaces but also for restaurants and corporate areas. All of the shades match and work together to link all of the lighting in the room.

This larger light will give us some main overhead lighting – without over dominating the space, which again will be on a dimmer switch.


Lastly to echo the bedside lights on the opposing wall, we went for some wall lights from the same collection, these will also frame our french doors making more of a feature out of the Juliet balcony.

Brooklyn Glass Funnel Wall Light – 7 Inch

We choose a slightly different shaped glass funnel wall light so that it wasn’t pendant overkill. Slightly smaller at 7 inches too.

The best part is that you decide to change your scheme one day you can change shades to fit any interior style.


Overall we will have five lights in our bedroom, two 7 inch wall lights, two 8 inch hanging bedside pendant lights and one main 12 inch pendant light.

I hope that with this selection we have covered all areas and with the ability to dim, customize and control them from various points, we will have amazing feature lighting that will last for years to come.

I chose Industville because they had the look I love, mixing the industrial with the retro / classic. After now receiving the lights the quality of the products are second to none and I just can’t wait to see them up in the room.

Stay posted for the main makeover feature coming at the end of August and for my next posts on dining and living room spaces”.