Indian Veggie Burgers

Recipe from Cusinart –

 The perfect vegetarian option for your next summer BBQ, these Indian inspired burgers are loaded with veggies and are full of flavour.  


For the Burgers:

•1 sweet potato, peeled & chopped

•2medium carrots, peeled & chopped (approx. 70g)

•70g cauliflower florets

•70g frozen peas

•1tbsp. oil for frying

•2cm piece of ginger, peeled & grated

•1 medium red onion, finely chopped

•15g green onions

•1 green chilli, finely chopped

•1 tsp. garam masala

•. tsp. cumin powder

•. tsp .red chilli powder

•. cup finely chopped coriander (approx. 10g)

•1tsp.sea salt

•1 cup fine breadcrumbs

•4 brioche or burger buns

•Olive oil for brushing

 For the Green Sauce:

•1 small red onion, peeled & quartered

•. cucumber,deseeded (approx.100g), cut intowedges

•1 green chilli, deseeded

•15g fresh coriander, stalks removed

•5g mint, stalks removed

•Juice of . lemon

•Pinch of sea salt

 To Serve:

•Green salsa (see separate ingredients)

•Crisp lettuce

•1 red onion, sliced

•2 medium tomatoes, sliced

•Chilli sauce


•Add 700ml of water to the cooking pan of the Cook In and place in the steaming tray. Set the temperature to high, to allow the water to come to the boil.

•Add the chopped sweet potato and carrots to the steaming tray. Secure the glass lid and reduce the temperature to medium. Steam the vegetables for approximately 7 minutes, before adding the cauliflower and peas. Continue steaming for a further 5 minutes, or until the vegetables are soft. Set the vegetables to one side.

•Wipe out the cooking pan, place back on the CookIn and set the temperature to medium.

•Add a tablespoon of oil and gently sauté the ginger, red onion, green onion and green chillies, until softened, stirring frequently.

•Add the steamed vegetables and stir well. Cook for several minutes.

•Turn off the Cook In and add the garam masala, cumin powder, chilli powder, coriander and sea salt. Stir to combine everything together. Allow to cool slightly.

•Set up the large chopping / mixing blade in the large work bowl of the Easy Prep Pro and add the cooled veggie burger mixture.Process the mixture on high, until everything starts to come together but still has some texture. The mixture will be quite sticky.

•Remove the mixture and divide into four, before shaping into patties. Coat the outside of each patty with breadcrumbs. Place on a tray in the refrigerator to firm up, for about half an hour.

•Place the grill tray onto the Cook In and set the temperature to high. Lightly coat the grill tray with oil and cook the burgers for 5 minutes on each side, until starting to brown and crisp. Set aside in a warm oven.

•Cut the burger buns in half and brush the cut sides with a little olive oil. Place the oiled side down onto the grill tray, to toast.

•Tomakethesalsa, add the onion, cucumber, chilli, coriander, mini, lemon juice and salt to the Cordless Mini Prep Pro. Pulse, using the chop button, until you have a chunky consistency.

•Serve your veggie burgers, topped with the green salsa, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and chilli sauce.