Ideas for hosting a night at home with the lads…

One of the crude realities of getting older is to realize that getting all the guys together for a chill night of hanging out isn’t such an easy task anymore. While you used to waste entire days at a time together talking about girls, watching sports or doing nothing at all, it seems like the only time you manage to get everyone together is for special occasions – if you’re lucky.

But once every blue moon when all of you do actually manage to set a night aside to meet up, that alone becomes a special occasion in itself. You don’t just want to go to a loud club where you’ll barely be able to hear each other, and you’ll want something a bit more fun than just ordering a pizza and having some drinks. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of 5 different ideas that will help you host such memorable guys night in that you might just manage to get the gang together ever more often.

Bad movie night

While getting together to watch old classics like The Godfather or Scarface always makes for an amazing evening with the boys, if you really want to take it to the next level you should try doing the exact opposite: Watching some of cinema’s worst movies.

Movies like Manos: The Hands of Fate, Plan 9 From Outer Space or Tommy Wiseau’s The Room – who’s insane production was recently immortalized in the Oscar nominated movie The Disaster Artist – are all widely known for being absolute masterpieces of horrible cinema, and have gained huge cult following from people who enjoy watching them with friends and marveling on just how bad they are. Pick a terrible movie, make some popcorn and maybe even make a drinking game about it, as you all join in on the tradition and eviscerate the movie as it plays.

Poker night

Not exactly reinventing the wheel, a poker night may not be the most original of ideas but that doesn’t detract from it one bit. It is a classic guys night premise for a reason: Not only does it incite your competitive spirit and the thrill of having some money in the line, but it actively rewards you for trying to deceive your oldest friends in order to defeat them. It also rewards you if you know how your friends think or when they are lying, making it extra gratifying when you call their bluff.

The best part: To pull it off all you will need is a deck of playing cards and a set of poker chips. Smoking some Cubans, drinking some scotch and smack talking each other while you catch up with your lives will make for a truly entertaining evening.

Bonus Points: If you want to raise up the stakes of the game and make your evening even livelier, collect £10 from each player and deposit them into an online casino to play them in a jackpot game – or put it all on black. If the bet pays out, the money will all go into the pot. With some casinos offering instant payouts, the winner can take home his especially large winnings that very night.

Beer Tasting

While the ladies love to get together and drink wine, for men it is all about beer. The perfect complement to just about any fast food, sporting event or conversation, there are few things more natural than having some ales with the lads – just like to good ol’ days.

But rather than simply asking the lads to come over and drink a few of the same beers you always have, hosting a beer tasting is guaranteed to elicit a response from any true beer drinking friend. A beer tasting may not sound quite as classy as a wine tasting, but it is the perfect way to expand you and your friend’s beer palate and discover new favorites along the way.

In order for it to be a successful evening, make sure to get big variety of different types of brews: Domestic and international, seasonal and micro-brewed, crossover and flavored, lagers, pilsners and all sorts of pale ales. There more types of beer you have, the more chance your tasting is a huge success.

Epic Cook Off Night

For those that enjoy putting their cooking skills on the line, another great idea for guys night is to host an Iron Chef-like competition, where it will be determined just who is the better cook between you and your friends.

Whether you choose to limit yourself to a particular dish or set of ingredients, make it BBQ-off, or simply leave it completely open. Not only will this competition make you work hard to get the bragging rights, but in the end, everyone will get to have an amazing meal as well. Bonus Points: If you really want to make it extra competitive and ensure the stakes are really high, the loser has to eat a Carolina Reaper pepper. Trust us, you might just eat the best meal you’ve ever had.