How to use custom stickers for your startup

Are you trying to grow your new enterprise? Or are you struggling with Google Ads giving you a low return on ad spend and not the growth you expected?

How much have you thought about growing through referral, word-of-mouth recommendations and brand advocates?

As you probably already know, a personal recommendation can be a powerful way to influence a buying decision.

In the next few minutes, we’ll talk about how custom stickers can help to increase your referrals and recommendations. 

What! Why stickers?

Stickers are an excellent tool to grow your startup because of their low cost & that people don’t perceive them to be advertising. If you give customers a sticker, most will see it as a gift.

Giving gifts is a proven tactic to increase sales because of social psychology’s rule of reciprocity.

If you can get stickers into the hands of your best customers, you can turn them into brand advocates! They’ll represent your brand on the train, in Starbucks, in their co-working space or even walking down the road.

Google itself says there are 3.3 billion mentions of brands per day & 94% of these mentions occur offline.

Leveraging this can be super powerful! There are good reasons world-class brands like Apple include stickers with their products.

Don’t miss out on this powerful marketing tool – add stickers to all orders!

How else can you use custom stickers? Why not stand out with floor graphics!

Large custom stickers applied to the floor of your premises or outside your coffee shop, are more common today since Coronavirus. Why not turn your dull 2m social distancing floor sticker into an enjoyable experience with your brand?

If you’re investing in floor stickers, why not put in a little more effort and stand out a little.

Another idea is to leave a lasting impression when you deliver your service – perfect for service business owners. 

If you provide a service where you go to the customer, why not leave them with a label on something relevant to the service you’ve just provided.

And we don’t mean spam. Suppose you’ve got clients where you’re servicing electrical meters for or their new solar panels. Why not leave your details in the form of a sticker. It’s long-lasting & useful for when your customer needs to contact you next time.

Finally, why not use some guerilla marketing tactics.

See how a simple bit of street cleaning and a sticker leaves a striking message for passers-by.

We hope you find these ideas useful for growing your startup with custom stickers. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.