How to Spend Your Days Off in Lockdown: Practical Tips for Workers with Days to Waste

As we find ourselves in the mid of another lockdown, it is safe to say that there are some people out there who are finding themselves at wit’s end on days off. Some workers out there will have extra holiday days to use up in the coming weeks, which will mean more days off work and more spare time.

With current government COVID-19 restrictions resulting in everything non-essential being closed, we are confident that those who have days to use up will be lost for ideas on how to do so.

If you are one of those bored and out of ideas of how to spend your extra days, stress no more! We have compiled a list of helpful tips for workers with days to waste, with activities suitable for individuals, couples, or groups of people – depending on your living situation. Cure that boredom you’ve been experiencing and look forward to those days off! Read on for more inspiration.

Learning a Language

A more practical way of spending lockdown than others, but one that will undoubtedly make a difference once the pandemic has drawn to a close. Knowing another language is a great skill to have and can be transferrable in different aspects of your lives. Whether you want to learn a language for a future holiday – remember those?! – or for business opportunities, it is an excellent way of using up some of your spare time. There are facilities and resources available, including Duolingo, which allow you to learn a language in a fun and interactive way. You certainly won’t be bored when doing this and will be brushing up on those rusty language skills you picked up in school! Why not get the whole family involved, and attempt to have conversations in the new language that you are exploring; un café con leche, por favor!

Puzzling Over Puzzles

We are confident that many people out there have explored the world of puzzles throughout the different lockdowns, and if you have yet to do so, what better opportunity! Completing a puzzle is a fun way of occupying your time and allows you to get those brain muscles to work and continue thinking, even when not in your day-to-day job. The more traditional puzzles are appealing to some people out there, but there are newer, more immersive puzzles available on the market too, including the likes of whodunnit puzzles and mystery boxes; perfect for those who love watching detective shows and documentaries and want to put their hand to it themselves! Mysterious Mail provides these types of puzzles and many more, suitable for completing as an individual or with another member of your household. With a variety of tales delivered to your door in instalments, you will be eagerly awaiting the post each day! To find out more about the products they have available and find a detective puzzle for you, head to

Immerse Yourself in Books

If you are anything like us, you have probably found that you have a pile of books which has grown gradually over the years, of which are currently collecting dust. What better time to work your way through these novels than with the time off that you have coming up! Whether you enjoy romance novels or are more partial to a gripping adventure tale, get yourself comfy and immerse yourself into these new worlds. That is not to say that you have to detach from your work life entirely. Still, it is undoubtedly essential to separate to a certain degree to distinguish a line between your personal and professional life while working from home. If you want to stay attached in some ways, consider reading some materials related to the job you do, whether that be a book or an article. You will be furthering your professional skills, eating up some of that spare time, and learning something new in the process. It sounds like a positive situation to us!

Organise Your Belongings

This doesn’t seem like something that would be fun to some workers out there, but this is certainly something we can say is long overdue! If you have been busy working throughout the pandemic, we are confident that you have not had the opportunity to organise or sort through your belongings. What better time to sort through your clothes and items than on one of your many days off?! Kick off the spring cleaning as early as possible and donate any items that you no longer want or need. What’s more, you could turn your sorting and organising into a personalisation and upcycling session, turning your once loved clothing into something new. Giving your clothes a new lease of life is undoubtedly a fun way of spending some of your spare time and will provide you with a new working from home wardrobe when you eventually head back to work!

Explore Local Nature

In line with the government-mandated exercise rule, ensuring that you get out and about as much as possible – and as much as allowed – will ensure that you do not become overwhelmed from spending so much time indoors. Compared to the previous lockdowns, we have experienced darker mornings and evenings, with duller weather; not all that appealing for going for a lockdown venture in your local area. However, it is vital to promoting good wellbeing and mental health to make time to go for a walk and get some fresh air. Planning to go for a long walk in your nearby area, followed by a delicious home-cooked meal, is a beautiful way of spending one of your days off and a great way of keeping your mind and body fit and healthy.

These are but some of the many things that can be done on your days off, and that is not to say that you should be trying to squeeze them all into a small amount of time. By varying the things you are doing each day, you have something different to look forward to and reduce the levels of boredom you are experiencing. Make sure to rest up, drink lots of fluids and look after yourselves.