How To Smell Great All Day This Summer

As part of your grooming process, your goal should also be to smell good. And especially during the summer season, this is very important. The warm and humid climate itself is likely to make you sweat and ultimately, smell. So you want to up your grooming game. Outlined below are some of the ways you can ensure that you smell great all summer long.

Shower And Moisturise

If you leave your house without showering on a hot summer day, you can expect to not smell good by the end of the day. Showering is one practice you should observe during the summer season. Take at least one to two showers daily to ensure that you smell good. Opt for fruity and floral scented shower gels to keep you fresh and smelling good. And the process doesn’t end there.

There’s no point in taking a shower if you don’t moisturise after. Apart from leaving your skin looking good, it also helps to maintain its health and even your scent. Moisturised skin will absorb fragrances better and lock in the scent longer. Unmoisturised skin on the other end does not facilitate effective absorption and will leave the fragrances on the surface which ultimately expedites its rate of dissipation.

Take Care Of Your Bodily Hair

Especially for women, your grooming game should be extended to your body hair during summer. Your body hair tends to trap heat which ultimately causes you to sweat. The sweat and dead cells can also get trapped in the same hairs and ultimately cause unpleasant body odours. You don’t want to experience this during the hot summer season! So the best way to go about it is to ensure that your armpits and private areas are well shaven at all times.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

Your mouth can also be a significant source of unpleasant body odors. So always make sure you take care of your breath. Brush your teeth when you wake up and before you go to bed. Remember your body is your temple, so spend extra on good quality dental products if you have to. Go for mint or herbal toothpaste to leave your teeth protected and fresh. 

And if you want to go the extra mile, you can also stock up on extra products such as mouthwash or dental floss packs. During the day, avoid eating food items that have pungent smells such as garlic and onions because they are likely to cause bad breath. And if you have to, gurgle with mouth wash or eat mints to freshen your breath. Its good practice to always have some mints or bubblegum in your bag at all times.

Use Anti-Perspirant

During the hot and humid summer season, you are more likely to sweat a lot. And as you sweat, you are more likely to sweat. So, using an antiperspirant roll-on or deodorant spray goes a long way. This is definitely a grooming product you want on your dresser during summer. You can choose to either go for a fragranced one to complement your perfume. Or go for a non-scented one for the sole purpose of preventing perspiration.

Use Fragrances

You must use fragrances during the summer. And during this time, you want to go for summer-friendly fragrances. Opt for fragrances with floral and fruity notes to blend in with the weather whilst also adding that extra crispiness to your scents. You can also opt for stronger scents such as vanilla or sandalwood as they tend to last longer.

Layer Your Scents Or Get A Beauty Set

Layering your scents helps to keep you smelling great longer in the summer season. You can choose to do so by integrating your scented shower gels, lotions, body mists, and perfume. However, for this combination to work, you must know how to harmonize the fragrance. You don’t want your fragrances to be too conflicted that you scare people off with your strong scents.

If you find this difficult to do, you can always go for a beauty set. You can find really good beauty sets that come with a shower gel, lotion, body mist, and perfume. This allows you to layer the products without having to worry about mixing the scents because they are all the same. The advantage is that using good quality fragranced shower gel, lotion, body mist, and perfume goes a long way to leave you smelling good for longer than just using perfume.

Fragrance Your Hair

If you fragrance your hair, you add an extra layer of scents. You also leave a whiff of your pleasant fragrance everywhere you go. To effectively fragrance your hair, you should spray perfume directly on it, unless you are using a special hair fragrance. Otherwise, spray your hairbrush with your favourite perfume. Let it dry for at least 3-5 seconds then run the brush through your hair. This should leave a soft lingering scent on your hair all day long. Toss the brush in your bag so you can refresh the hair on the go.

Fragrance Your clothes

Using fragrance should not be limited to your body. Fragrance your clothes and beddings to help keep you smelling good for long. When you are washing your clothing add a fragranced fabric refresher to add that long-lasting and fresh scent to your clothes. A good quality fabric refresher will have its scent stay on your clothes even two weeks after washing them. Use fabric refresher not only on your clothing but also on your bedding.

Sleeping on fresh and scented sheets doesn’t only boost your mood but also leaves your body smelling good. You can also add perfumed sachets in drawers you store undergarments such as socks, bras, and panties to leave them smelling good especially on a warm day. At least once a week, spritz your clothing wardrobe with fabric refresher spray or your favourite perfume to leave that lingering pleasant smell on your clothes for when you come to wear them.