How to Sleep with Extensions: Our Top Tips

The way you sleep with extensions at night is super important because you can’t control what happens during sleep and cannot determine whether your hair gets damaged, causing discomfort. There are numerous ways to avoid this. Your hair’s length and how you want the extensions to be the following morning will determine which method you use. As it is essential to protect the hair from damage, here are some tips you will need to take to before going to bed.

Braid Your Hair

If your hair extensions are long, the best method you sleep with them is by turning them into braids. When your hair is braided, tangling and movements will be highly minimised. There would also be minimal friction in the middle and ends of the hair so that you can brush them effortlessly the following morning. If you are looking to get excellent micro ring hair extensions to transform your hair into a beauty, then check out Taylor Rose as they’ve got a nice collection of micro ring extensions for both short and long hair.

Tie a Scarf Around Your Head

For short hair extensions, tying a scarf around your head is a great way to sleep with hair extensions. The scarf helps prevent too much hair movement and entangling while you sleep. Remember to brush them before tying the scarf. Ensure that your extensions are either sewed or locked and stitched before using this approach.

This procedure has some drawbacks if you’re using individual keratin-bonded extensions or cold fusion. It can tug on the individual connections and cause breakage. Hair extensions might be damaged if you strain the connections by wrapping your hair around your head.

Do Not Sleep with Wet Hair

Another tip to prevent your extension from toggling or damaging is that you should not sleep with them wet. The reason is that wet extensions facilitate tangling. So before saying night prayers, ensure the hair is very dry; if not, then use a hairdryer.

Try a Low Ponytail

A braid may not be achievable if you have short hair extensions, especially if you only have the extensions to add thickness. While sleeping, a simple ponytail will suffice to keep your hair out of your face and out of your way. If you can, try to fold your ponytail beneath itself to keep your hair from tangling or rubbing against the pillowcase.

Plaits and ponytails are the best ways to sleep with hair extensions since they keep the bonds from being disrupted too much during the night by restricting hair movement. Securing your branded hair extensions while you sleep is an essential element of caring for any type of hair addition, including weaves, tape extensions, micro rings, and pre bonds. Even a single night of your hair extensions being unsecured can cause the bonds to become knotted, so always fasten your extensions before sleep.

It’s essential to condition your hair extensions at least once a week to keep them looking their best. This is the perfect opportunity to utilise an intensive treatment that will have time to work its magic before being rinsed away.