How to make your bedroom more peaceful, according to Feng Shui

Feng shui is the ancient practice of arranging pieces in your home to create a more peaceful atmosphere. Interior designers have drawn inspiration from Feng Shui for years. The Chinese tradition aims to help your home find balance with the natural world.

There are five key elements to Feng Shui

The five elements are wood, fire, earth, water and metal. Each element has different capabilities and benefits for your space. For example, wood channels creativity and growth, while fire sparks passion and boldness. You can use these different materials in your home to alter the atmosphere. A peaceful bedroom would benefit from water and earth features. You could paint your bedroom blue and have different plants hanging around the space.

Feng Shui also looks at the energy map in your home. Each area has a different energy and impact on your wellness. A feng shui bedroom should be relaxed and balanced so you can sleep better.

Where should you put your wardrobe?

The wardrobe often takes up a significant amount of space in your bedroom. According to Feng Shui, your wardrobe should sit in the southwest area of your bedroom to improve energy flow. If your bedroom is an awkward shape, a custom-made wardrobe might be the perfect solution. You can make the most out of the space available without leaving any awkward gaps.

Where should the bed go?

As a general rule, your bed should not face the door of your bedroom. Energy enters and leaves the room through doors and windows. You do not want to intercept this energy when trying to get a good night’s sleep. You should feel safe and cosy in your bedroom. Put your bed against a wall, so you don’t sense movement behind you, ideally the one diagonally across from the entry door. 

Things to avoid

You should avoid neon colours in the bedroom. Neon is a loud colour that ignites energy and excitement instead of peace and sleepiness. Opt for neutral colours that create a soothing environment in your bedroom.

Mirrors are a common feature in most bedrooms. However, they can disturb your sleep and activate the energy in the room. If you have a mirror opposite your bed, it will bounce energy directly onto you while you sleep. This might be why you are struggling to get a good night sleep! Research Feng Shui to optimise your home and wellbeing.