How to get flawless makeup every day

We spoke to the founder of the revolutionary luxury beauty brand Beautifect, Dr Tara Lalvani, to find out why the Beautifect Box also available in Harrods is the must-have beauty essential!

What makes the Beautifect Box so game-changing?

The Beautifect Box is the 21st-century’s answer to a traditional dressing table. It is the world’s first, patent-pending, compact, rechargeable and portable makeup space. The touch screen smart mirror combines leading LED lighting technology that took two years to develop with a distortion-free mirror, as well as a fully wipeable smart makeup storage system allowing you to intuitively find your makeup. Every aspect has been extensively thought through: from the special hinge on the mirror — allowing it to tilt and hold at any position meaning you can get ready in comfort from anywhere — to the single charge that lasts up to one month; and a magnifying mirror that magnetically attaches when you need extra focus. It’s your portable dressing table for home and away! We are truly starting a new era in how we do our makeup and beauty routines.

The lighting took 2 years to develop; what makes it so amazing?

There is very little education around lighting for makeup. Without the right lighting it’s actually so much harder to get ready every day and we have just come to accept this as the norm. We have developed our lighting to be the best in the industry so you can get ready in less time, with less effort and look even better! You never have to worry about how your makeup looks once you step out the door. Beautifect perfectly simulates 5 lighting environments so you can truly see how your makeup will look to others. Our daylight setting alone is fantastic, a high CRI of above 90 means you see true to life colours and tones giving you the perfect lighting for flawless blending and colour matching. Not only this, but with three brightness levels you can tailor this to your needs depending on your surroundings. Great makeup application is difficult with ring lights or cheaper quality lighting that is too harsh as you can’t see colour variations accurately, the quality of the light is so important! Why spend so much money on the best makeup and do it an injustice by using the wrong lighting?

It sounds like Beautifect really makes your daily routine so much easier!

Absolutely, Beautifect is your dressing table on demand. We often sacrifice precious time with family, our sleep, even breakfast just to go and sit in a separate room to get ready every day and look and feel our best. Why? Because we don’t have what we need when we need it and where we need it. It becomes stressful and time consuming whereas now you can get ready effortlessly in comfort wherever is going to serve you best, confident in the knowledge you have everything you need including the best lighting possible. We’ve also accepted that we should rummage through messy unclean makeup bags trying to find the item we need each time. In this day and age how can we still be sitting at a dressing table or standing at the bathroom mirror, the same way it has been done for generations! In a world where everything is available on demand, why isn’t our makeup too? When you don’t have the right tools, getting ready becomes a chore; time consuming and stressful. We want to empower women to get ready effortlessly and enjoyably in comfort with everything they need saving them precious time. Worrying about poor hotel lighting when going away for a holiday or staycation is also a problem of the past. Once you use the Beautifect Box, there really is no better way to do your makeup or skincare every day — it’s a must-have you won’t be able to live without!

What’s next for Beautifect?

We only launched last year and we’ve already achieved so much, especially with our first retailer being Harrods! We are expanding internationally and growing our digital and retail footprint. We are constantly pushing the boundaries and creating the best in beauty to make a real and practical difference to our customers lives. Our key goal is to give you the best tools to perfect your beauty, our available products: The Beautifect Box, Vanity Case, Tote Bag, Beauty Sculptor and Blender are loved by thousands, but we’re not stopping there! We have some exciting products in development, so watch this space.