How to Create a Unique Living Room on a Budget

We would all love to have the perfect living room, but it’s often one of the most intimidating rooms to decorate. There are so many conflicting trends at any given moment and the style of the living room is going to set the tone for the rest of the house. Living room furniture also tends to be very expensive and needs to be chosen wisely if you want to get the exact results you envisaged. Let’s take a look at a few tricks you can use to create a living room on a budget.

Look for Alternative Materials

You’ll need to use your imagination here and try to find ways to do more with less. This means that you might have to look at alternative materials to recreate the illusion of luxury. Instead of a hardwood floor, you could use wood-effect laminate flooring instead, or for slightly more money, engineered wood flooring. Rather than a stone or brick fireplace, use stone cladding or brick slips, which are a cheaper alternative.

Another material worth considering is MDF. It’s usually used in painted cabinetry; however, it can also be varnished to give that Urban Chic Loft Style look and feel.  You could use MDF boards cut to size to create a nice modern entertainment centre, for instance, or maybe a floating shelving unit if you have the skills.

If you’re looking for a top-quality MDF board cut to size, you can visit a site such as Their online service allows you to order custom MDF boards of all types online. All you need is to give them your specifications and they’ll cut, and deliver, the boards for you. They can also apply additional processes like paintable MDF edging or drilling for hinge holes or pilot holes to ease assembly.

Create Vignettes

We’ve all been in those living rooms that look like souvenir shops. Instead of having all sorts of knick-knacks scattered around, group items with a similar theme together to create vignettes. This will create more cohesion in the room and will make the items look like a collection instead of a bunch of random objects.

Add Greenery

Adding plants is probably the easiest and most cost-effective way to add charm, life, and personality to a room. There’s also something very grounding about plants, which makes them perfect for any living room.

If you want to keep costs under control, however, stay away from large plants and add several smaller plants of different sizes instead. There’s also nothing wrong with getting a few fake plants if you have issues with natural plants or are on a very strict budget.

Get to Painting

Another very simple thing you could do to improve your living room is to do a little bit of painting. See if you could paint the walls a different colour than the ceiling. Make sure to add moulding for the demarcation and paint it the same colour as the ceiling and not the wall. Conversely, you could choose to only paint one wall or alcoves if doing the whole room is too much of a project for you.

These are all fairly simple and budget-friendly ways that you can give your living room an instant upgrade. Don’t hesitate to let your imagination run free, look for inspiration where you can, and be creative with your decoration and material choices.