Hotel Review : Fistral Beach Hotel And Spa

Staycation… A word we’re going to hear a lot over the coming months and with holidays abroad still uncertain, I’m sure vacationers are already planning that much needed break after the fiasco that was 2020. 

The UK offers many reliable and delectable cities, towns and villages for us to explore – from the rolling hills of Dorset and the high climbs of the Scottish Highlands, to the endless blue skies above the verdant flatlands of East Anglia and Cornish fishing villages. And it is the latter (Newquay to be exact) of which I ventured to; on what was to be my first outing since my last article back in January of last year.

We arrived on a Friday evening after a gruelling six hours in the car but that was nothing a little Cornish sea air couldn’t fix. Our accommodation for the weekend was at the Fistral Beach Hotel And Spa. Nestled beside the beach, this hotel boasts some of the most amazing sea views you could imagine. The image I can only paint is a panoramic feast of endless waves drifting towards the shore. 

Sea View Balcony

Our first night in the hotel we would be staying in a “Sea View Balcony” room. Upon entrance, we were stunned by the mesmerising view. The somewhat ever-changing scenery seemed to keep evolving like ones own mood and it was breathtaking with every change. The room was well-sized and immaculate and the balcony, for me, was the icing on the cake with the ability to take in that much needed sea air with our free complementary gin. For a room of this type, rates start from £110 per night.

Dune Restaurant 

I must say, we had been looking forward to eating at the Dune Restaurant all day for the menu they had set out looked divine. For starters my partner had the BBQ asparagus which she mentioned to be delightful, especially the onion purée as she commented on uniqueness of it. I had the burrata with which basil foam made it an excellent first course leaving you wanting more. For our main course my partner indulged in the market fish of the day which for us was monkfish and was locally sourced. Beautifully arranged and succulent. For myself, I was feeling quite ravenous, so I went the fillet steak and boy, did it hit the spot; cooked just the way I like it – medium rare. With just enough room for dessert we decided to share a dark chocolate délice… Perfection! A really well thought out menu and it’s lovely to see how they said they’ve tried to source as locally as possible especially those wonderful fish dishes. For two courses at the Dune Restaurant you’ll be looking to pay £32 and for three courses, it will be £40.

The Fistral Spa

After a well needed rest, I was booked into the Fistral Spa for some much needed TLC. We’ve all been through some tough times over the past year, mentally, physically and emotionally so for me this would be very much appreciated. I set off from my room, dressed in my robe and headed for the spa. 

Before proceedings, I filled out a quick form about any ailments and was quickly introduced to Daniella who would be giving me my massage. I had chosen the “bespoke massage” as I particularly wanted her to work on my back, neck and shoulders and after a quick chat, Daniella got to work. Daniella really put me at ease and had a very calming energy; it can be difficult to relax around a complete stranger. It was 60 minute massage filled with essential oils and some slight aromatherapy. As Daniella worked her magic, I felt my troubles drift away. With each not she untangled, I became more at ease. When the massage was over, I was left to bring myself back to my body and remember where I was. I thanked Daniella for her help and service and made my journey towards the pool area. Within this space there is a hot tub, sauna and steam room; all perfectly designed and wonderfully executed. I particularly liked the artificial starry sky above the pool. I found this to be a place I could really let my stresses and strains disappear. 

The “Best” Room

Simply titled “Best” was where we staying on our second night. Now this definitely had a bit more wow to it, particularly with the bathtub looking out onto the roaring sea below. What was even more attractive was the amount of natural light that leaked into the bathroom, making it feel bright and airy. The room itself was slightly bigger, with a stylish couch and nicer amenities like a coffee machine. The balcony was longer and again much appreciated when the sea is almost directly below you. The decor of both rooms are contemporary and sleek. The rooms feel like a connection to the sea with the colours they have used and I’m sure this is on purpose. The “Best” room starts at £150 per night. If you’d like The Suite which is double the size then you’ll be looking at £300 for the night.

The Verdict

Our stay at the Fistral Beach Hotel And Spa was a real delight. Coming all the way from Suffolk, I can honestly say that I would make the the long journey again. Newquay has a special quality about it and I can say the same for the Fistral Beach Hotel. It’s not trying to pretend to be something else, what it is, is succeeding in connecting class, luxury and Newquay’s own distinctive style all in one but to explain that would be a whole other thing, my advice is to go and experience it for yourself.

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Fact Box

Rooms can be booked from £130 for B&B or £200 for DBB.

Address: Fistral Beach, Newquay, Cornwall TR7 1PT

Phone: 01637 852221