Hoover Upright 300 Vacuum Cleaner

Lots of carpet in your home? Pets as well as people of all ages? This vacuum cleaner could definitely be a great choice. 

There are no worries about running out of power in a large home as this isn’t a cordless, and the cable is long enough at 8.1m not to have you switching power sockets all the time. It’s a winner for small homes, too, provided you have the storage space for an upright.

The Hoover Upright 300 is well priced, you get everything needed to start vacuuming inside the box.

Alongside the main body there’s a handle and tube assembly, which slits into the body. A power cord is already attached to the machine and comes with a plug, which can then be wound around the back of the appliance via a couple of clips. Accessories-wise our model came with a mini turbo nozzle, a dusting brush and a 3-in-one or crevice tool.

We like the way Hoover has designed these to fit on the machine, and they stay put too, which is always a bonus as many machines have this feature but then shed accessories as you make your way around the house.

Hoover says the cleaner was designed following extensive research about how often, for how long and when UK householders use their machines as well as their preferences when it comes to features, storage and even colours. But does the vac that resulted deliver in a real home with hard floor, carpet, dust, debris and a whole lot of pet hair?

With 800 Watts of suction power the Hoover Upright 300 Pets is certainly effective, although its performance does mean you’ll fill the relatively small 1.5 litre bin quite quickly.

However, this is not an issue as it can be whipped off via a small white button on front of the down tube and emptied in seconds thanks to a hinged door on the bottom.

We love it because..

  • Lightweight for an upright
  • Easy to empty
  • Accurate steering
  • Simple controls
  • Carries attachments on board
  • Looks smart

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