Home Office Working…

Here are a few useful tips for home office working…

Create A Dedicated Work Space

Avoid the temptation to grab your laptop and crawl back under the covers because it can adversely affect your ability to sleep. So ensure you have a dedicated work space clear of any personal clutter that could prove a distraction.

Work Hours & Expectations

Choose specific work hours that you’ll stick to, ensuring family, friends, and co-workers are all aware of the time most convenient to you for either work commitments or family engagements. Setting limits will also help you be more focused as you know exactly what to work towards. Remember to take breaks as you would at an office, but don’t spend extended periods of time doing housework or giving in to distractions.

Get Dressed

Working in your pyjamas isn’t ideal for productivity levels. But while there is no need to don your office attire changing out of what you woke up in will help fight lethargy.

Give Yourself Light

Home work spaces that are too dim can cause eye strain, while too much artificial light can cause sleepiness. If possible we recommend at least two points of light (ideally one of these points should be natural light). As studies suggesting working in natural light ensures a happier and more productive commitment.

Stay Organised

To fully enjoying after work hours stay organised because leaving your office area messy creates an unwelcome reminder of what needs to get done. Use trays in drawers or file things away in cabinets to put papers and unfinished business out of sight. That way, you won’t be as likely to think about it when you’re trying to relax.