Home Care Assistants: 4 Questions To Ask To Find The Right Person For The Job

Choosing the right home care assistant is a big deal. Since this is somebody who is going to be coming into your home and helping with tasks that are often quite personal, it’s understandable that you’ll be looking for someone that you can trust.

From helping you in the bath to doing your cleaning and laundry, home care assistants can provide you with a great deal of help around your home, which is incredibly useful when you can no longer carry out certain tasks like you used to.

For many people, in-home care is preferable to moving into a care home, especially since you have more flexibility over who is going to be doing the caring. Here are some questions you should be asking as you search for the right person for the job:

What Background Checks Do They Have?

Most reputable in-home carers will have undergone a detailed DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) and background check. They should also be able to work legally in the UK, and have related qualifications to care such as a Diploma in Health & Social Care Level 2.

Seeing someone’s checks and qualifications with your own eyes can be a great way to put your mind at ease, so don’t hesitate to ask for this kind of information before you agree to having a carer.

What Training Have They Received?

Aside from their qualifications, you may also be curious as to what additional training a carer has completed. Emergency First Aid is an incredibly useful course to have under your belt, and some carers may also be trained in manual handling and food and hygiene. 

What Kind Of Things Can They Help With?

Most carers will be able to offer support with whatever you’re looking for- whether that’s household chores, personal care, or getting out and about. If you have specific needs, then you should contact your home care provider to make sure that they offer the appropriate care.

A good home care service will be able to offer all different kinds of support. If you’re looking for a high standard of care at home and you live in the Bath and North East Somerset areas, then why not consider Abney & Baker? From making your bed to paying your bills, walking the dog and helping with your personal care, Abney & Baker’s dedicated team of carers will be there for you whenever you need.

Can I Meet Them Before They Start Working?

Your relationship with your carer is important, and an initial meeting is usually enough to tell you if you’re going to build a rapport.

Good care providers will be happy to let you meet your carer before you agree to anything long-term, though there is sometimes a small fee that comes along with this. Since you’re going to be letting this person into your home, it’s important that you feel comfortable being alone with them.