Hobbs Charity Fashion Show

On Wednesday 13th April, Hobbs fashion store at The Arc, Bury St Edmunds, held a special charity fashion show in aid of Bury’s Women’s Refuge.

Bounce Editor, Rachel Ducker, was invited along to report and compare at the event.


“The women’s refuge in Bury St Edmunds is a charity which is very close to my heart, so I was delighted when I was asked to help with the event.  When I was in a time of need, their doors were open to give me all of the help and advice I required.


Although domestic violence is becoming more talked about now a days and with shows (most recently ‘The Archers’) covering this sensitive topic, until you have lived it, domestic violence can be a very hard topic to understand. This is now a topic that I am no longer afraid of.

Bury St Edmunds Women’s Aid Centre (the Refuge,) was established in 1974 to provide safety and support for women and children experiencing Domestic Abuse. The Refuge has living accommodation for up to 23 bed spaces. They offer temporary accommodation in a safe and supportive refuge where women and their children, can recover from the traumatic effects of domestic violence and make informed choices. Not only that there is also a wide range of community services, courses and counselling to support women to rebuild their lives after abuse.

Some abuse is not always physical, and mental scars can last just as long.

The popular event at Hobbs was enjoyed by all, and guests were given a glimpse of the new seasons fashions. The mayor Patrick (Hung Chow) Chung and his wife were also in attendance on the evening, as the Women’s Refuge is one of his chosen charities this year.

Manager Tracey Zahra-Norris and her staff were on hand to make the event a great success and managed to raise over £250 for the charity.


Most recently the store celebrates the win of a nationwide award for being the top performing store in their UK portfolio throughout the autumn and winter season in 2015.


I would also like to thank Zena Battersby for her help on the evening and a special thank you to the models and Mel and her team at Bliss Hair Studios for their support.”


Contact Women’s Refuge on 01284 753085 or see