Heal from birth the natural way with Cherished Placentas

According to some scientists, ingestion of the placenta is done to ensure predators are not alerted to the presence of a vulnerable newborn.

Others argue the placenta contains useful nutrients and hormones beneficial for a new mother. This idea is also favoured by advocates of human placentophagy.

The most common way to consume the placenta is to have it made into capsules. To do this, the placenta is steamed, dried and then ground into a fine powder. The resulting capsules are taken several times a day during the postpartum period. One placenta usually yields around 100-200 capsules.

Proponents of the practice, which is known as placentophagy, claim it can boost milk supply, reduce the risk of developing postpartum depression, and replenish vital nutrients.

How can I get my Placenta turned into capsules and products?

Cherished Placentas has been operating for three years, covering Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge, Bedfordshire, Essex & London.

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Where is it done?

Cherished Placentas have designed a purpose built placenta facility eliminating any possibility of cross-contamination. 

Using premium grade hygienic cladding – floor to ceiling, stainless steel work stations and commercial sinks, which together offers the very highest levels of cleanliness and safety to all of their clients.

Only one placenta is processed in the facility, using disposable PPE (personal protective equipment) between each client consisting of; nitrile gloves, hospital gowns, hair nets, plastic aprons, shoe covers and masks. 

With this in mind they also use medical/hospital grade disinfectants and sterile/single use equipment as standard. 

Who is behind it?

Cherished Placentas was founded by Nikki, her journey with placenta encapsulation began back in 2013.

“I was heavily pregnant with my first baby when I came across placenta encapsulation.

It sounded something that made complete sense too me, after all mammals eat theirs. But I figured it would be a complicated process adding more stress. Not to mention being a very naïve fist time mummy.

So, here I am with my beautiful baby boy but with a complicated labour.  I lost a significant amount of blood, left with a permanent pudenial nerve damage and no sleep for 5 days whilst in hospital.

I bled for weeks, felt empty, no energy. My milk had taken 5 long days to finally come in. Things then led to postnatal depression (PND). I never questioned any of it, not once. I’ve always heard “you’ve just had a baby”

I then fell pregnant with my 2nd son in 2014. I knew instantly I wanted my placenta made into capsules. So, after finding a specialist I was all booked in.

I can honestly say with my hand on my heart my recovery was unbelievable. I had opted for placenta smoothies and capsules. After my first smoothie my milk came in within 30-60 minutes. With each smoothie I felt like i was putting life back into me. I craved the one after the other,  i can still feel that craving 4 years on! 

I began my capsules, which gave me a deep love rush. I felt on top of the world, even though i had a c-section & caring after a 14 month old. My c-section healed impeccably, I only bled for 9 days but most importantly I never went through the baby blues or PND.

I knew I had to offer placenta encapsulation to lots of other mummies, so they could too also benefit  from these wonderful benefits I had felt. 

And In 2018  Cherished Placentas was born & has grown strength from strength”.

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Contact Nikki: 07882604020