Girls – What Your Coffee says about you…

In our branded in-house cafes we have noticed that people who order certain drinks have similar traits and while reading an article about this and what the girls purchase I thought I would share what ordering a coffee says about the sort of person you are… it’s all about the girls!

1.Flat White

You found flat whites way back while working in a creative consultancy in San Francisco. Now you sniff out little artisan coffee houses…you’re pretty cool, know your coffee but don’t need to shout about it, you like beanie hats, vintage fairs and satchels.

2. Skinny latte

OMG, you love your lattes!! You also love your white wine, your heels, your girly nights out and your coupley nights in. You like to please people but can often be indecisive when it comes to making decisions.

3. Americano

One sugar Alpha female. You can’t be doing with milky frothiness. You’re cool calm and collected but when it comes to business your straight to the point and sometimes think it would be easier to work with only men.

4. Decaf Soya Latte

You may have a lactose intolerance, gluten issues and everything else in between. You’re friendly

and adaptive but have the tendency to be high maintenance.

5. Cappuccino

A purist. The words “granday larrtay” stick in your throat. Mostly, though, you make your own at home. You’re creative, honest and motivated. You have the ability to make excellent friends and open to trying different styles of coffee at least once.

6. Espresso

Mrs Alpha. You watch the barista like a hawk to ensure he’s achieving adequate crema. You’re hardworking and a natural leader and you know how to get what you want! You wish you’d bought shares in Paddy and Scott’s. Grrr.

7. Tall skinny wet flat white extra shot extra hot
extra froth

You’re cheerful and optimistic but have the tendency to over analysis and spend a lot of time questioning situations. You need reminding to wipe away that foamy lip.

By Paddy Bishopp – Paddy & Scott’s Coffee –