Get the lowdown on online Bingo bonuses

Bingo has come a long way from the dreary Bingo halls and the cheesy callers of days gone by. Not only can you now attend vibrant, fast-paced and themed Bingo nights across the country, you can also play whenever and wherever you like, thanks to online Bingo.

What’s more most gaming platforms have their own mobile app, so you can play online Bingo on your phone with ease. And the fun doesn’t stop there! As technology advances and Bingo games become more exciting, players are also now presented with a whole host of bonuses, promotions and special features.

So, eyes down and daubers at the ready, as we explain you all need to know about Bingo bonuses!

The welcome offer

The most common promotion for online casinos, Bingo is no exception when it comes to welcome bonuses, which can be quite lucrative for new players.

If you’re new to playing Slots, you could be awarded some free spins, but for Bingo sites, it may be that the welcome offer includes some free tickets to popular Bingo games. As a new player, you could be awarded some special incentives to play certain rooms at specific times.

You may also be awarded some bonus funds to boost your bankroll when you make your first deposit. This means you can play your first game of Bingo and get to grips with the rules, before spending any of your own cash. Bonus funds as a beginner are also a great way to explore the different versions of online Bingo available, before choosing your favourite and wagering your own money.

Promotions for existing players

If you’re dab hand at online Bingo, and a loyal player at your chosen site, then don’t worry because you’re not to be left out Most sites have a selection of exciting promotions for existing players too!

This could include timely cash giveaways on certain games, that can appear daily or monthly. You could also benefit from deposit bonuses or free spins, if you qualify for the right promotion. Most Bingo sites also have a dedicated promotions page, so it’s always worth keeping an eye out for the latest bonus.

Exclusive rooms

You can gain access to special rooms, with this kind of Bingo bonus. It could be that you’re a beginner to Bingo, and there’s an exclusive room just for newbies that you can experience, with a promotion on tickets and including unique prizes.

It’s likely you’ll have to deposit a certain amount and play the game within a certain time or day. It’s always worth checking the terms and conditions to see the specific requirements.

Boosted Bingo games

You might find on your chosen gaming site, that they offer special Bingo games at certain times during the day, or different bonuses features for different days — whether you’re a new or existing member. If you join the game at the right time on a certain day, you may see the following exciting promotions:

  • An enhanced prize pot or bonus prizes
  • Buy one get one free offer on tickets
  • Half price tickets
  • A set time of free Bingo games

As always, remember to check the small print, as you might not be able to purchase tickets in advance for a boosted Bingo game, and you’ll have to be available to play at the time specified.

With a range of special promotions on offer, as well as an incredible variety of themes, it’s easy to see why Bingo is one of the most popular games to play online. So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of your Bingo experience with some exciting bonuses, today!