Garden Party Tips!

Last month I celebrated my 30th Birthday. I decided to throw a garden party with my friends and family. Here are some of my top tips to throwing a memorable summer garden party…

Choose an appropriate space: consider the level of the ground, you don’t want your guests stumbling over especially after a few drinks.

Festive element: paper lanterns or balloons hung haphazardly on tree branches are a fun and festive element that signifies to guests where the party’s at.

Blooming plants: placing a few blooming plants in inexpensive buckets around the garden provides instant colour and texture. And using a variety like lavender also gives off a heavenly scent.

Plan the lighting: your location should have just the right amount of light and shade. If you plan a party for the evening, you will need to use candles, lanterns, string lighting or torches for extra lighting. When using candles, opt for votive and/or large pillar candles.

Drink station: arrange a variety of beverage options on a shelving unit with all the necessary accoutrements.

Tasty appetizers: bite-sized appetisers are easy to munch on while socialising with other party guests. I cheated and ordered everything pre-prepared from Tesco Easy Entertaining! Such a time saver!

Create a music list: the type of music you use is relative to your personal tastes. Either set up speakers outside, or use a portable sound system to play your music.