Funky Skincare…

Bounce Magazine speaks to Sarah Gare about her extensive line of natural skin care products…

Shopping for skincare is overwhelming enough as it is with so many products we buy with our hard-earned cash, but when you want to ensure that the cleanser you are buying is cruelty-free and maybe even vegan, you are even more likely to leave the store with a headache.

If you’re a newbie to vegan skincare, fear not, we have just the thing for those seeking a ‘clean’ way of life. 

We speak to Sarah Gare about her natural skincare brand, ‘Funky Skincare’ and the extensive line of products she has to offer, available to buy online, from the comfort of your home.

Hi Sarah, thank you for speaking to us. How long has Funky Skincare been running?

Funky Skincare was launched in 2014. We held a Health and Beauty Show at the Forum.

How did you come up with the idea for the business, was there a “light bulb” moment?

One of the reasons for starting Funky Skincare was that I suffer with Psoriasis, a skin condition that means I am often prone to flaky patches of skin that for me appear on my scalp or elbows.

Having suffered with this Psoriasis from an early age I had worked through all the options the Doctors could offer with still no solution to manage the problem.

I was determined to find a natural solution.

After extensive research we discovered a number of independent brands that produced fantastic natural products and Funky Skincare was born.

Does natural and organic mean expensive?

The terms natural and organic are often associated with a higher price tag.

At Funky Skincare we believe that natural skincare should be accessible to everyone and as such ensure our products are always at an affordable price. 

How are your products different?

We set a core criteria for our products and we are very strict, our focus has stayed the same from the beginning, we won’t deviate from our ethics for a fad product.

This means our products are all natural or organic, never tested on animals, free from SLS and Parabens with no nasty chemicals, no microbeas and most important of all – they must actually work!

How do you operate?

We prefer to work with independent companies rather than larger corporates as we like to support smaller business like ourselves as well as bring wonderful unique products to the wider market. With our name being ‘Funky’ Skincare our products all have a ‘Funky’ edge to them in one way or another.

What’s new for 2018?

While chatting to our customers there has been an increasing demand for Vegan friendly products over the last two years.

Although all our products are never tested on animals we recognise that there is more that we could do to protect our planet and animals and are on a mission this year to ensure our entire range is Vegan friendly. At the moment around 80% of our range is vegan and in the remaining products we only have ingredients such as honey and beeswax.

Veganism isn’t all about the food we eat (as you know) it’s not a fad diet, it’s a conscious choice of what you will or will not eat or use. This carries through into our skincare too so for the ethically conscious we are able to provide a wide range of options and ways to shop on our website so that our customers do not feel like they have to continually check the labels to know if our products fit their requirements.

For more information call 01603 322551 or visit