Freshen up with a ‘Lick’ of paint…

By Rachel Ducker

With a collection of 49 paint colours and 25 wallpaper designs, Lick has been created with the help of top interior designers and colour consultants.

Until recently I have to confess this was a brand I was unaware of, but if you are active on social media or an avid reader of the top home and garden magazines, like me, you will now be aware of their presence.

Every year I like to give my garden furniture a little freshen up. I don’t have many places to store my furniture outside so through weather and wear they can become a little worn and tired looking. So it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give Lick paint a try.

With a classic range of 13 exterior and masonry paints, the best part is it works with any and every outdoor surface, from wooden fencing and metal railings to brick and render masonry.

The other thing that they’ve done differently, which I quite like, is eradicating paint sample pots – much better for the environment. Instead you can order a sample on a sheet of card pre-painted in your chosen colour, which you can then stick up on the wall. This also saves a lots of messy paint patches which can get quite confusing!

For this project – my garden bench – I selected the colour Grey 03, which has a slight lavender tone running throughout the grey.

Lick’s website is well laid out, easy to use, and I have to say the delivery process was first class.

I love the way it arrived in its own branded box and another unique selling point is the unusual tin the paint is stored in. I don’t know about you but I am useless at getting paint lids back on the paint pot, but in this design there is a clever little seal (which ensures water can’t creep in), plus a smaller screw lid so you can either dip or pour. No more stale paint in this house! It also comes with its own (and very cute) little stirrer which states ’cause a stir’ which I thought was a really nice touch.

In terms of it application I was surprise by how good the coverage was, in fact one coat would have done the job but I gave it a light second as a precaution. I hardly used any paint at all, I could have probably paints 15 benches and still have plenty left.

I was so pleased with the finished results (as was my dog Archie), it has given life and love again to my old garden furniture which I have had for eight years and can’t bare to part with!

So with next-day delivery of peel-and-stick samples, the opportunity to speak with a Lick colour consultant, combined with tons of inspiration from fellow home doer-uppers, you’ll never traipse to and from the DIY aisle or lose yourself in Pinterest again.

Plus, it’s water-based, low odour and is Low VOC.

An as an official new Lick fan, I can’t wait to try more projects soon.

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