Five ways to improve your life, you mind, your fitness and wellbeing…

Photo  by  Lauren McKinnon    CC BY SA 2.0

Come the new year, magazines and daytime TV will be crammed with ideas on how to turn your life around and become that leaner, cleaner person that’s hidden away inside of you. Well, as usual, here at Bounce we are a couple of steps ahead of the crowd. Why should you wait until the new year? That’s three months of missed opportunities. Here are five ways to knock the spots off the old you.

Discover your Inner Muse

As the saying goes, everyone has a book inside them. Though there is an argument that for the majority of them, that is exactly where they should stay, writing can be one of the most rewarding, cathartic and relaxing activities out there. Don’t go into it thinking you are going to write the next 1984 or War and Peace. You don’t even have to show anyone the end result. Just put pen to paper, or more realistically finger to keyboard and see what happens. You may well be surprised.

If you aren’t ready to bare your sole, or you need external inspiration there is another option. Why not see what the best writers in the history of the world came up with, and start working your way through the 100 best books ever written.

Take up a New Sport

A healthy mind is the result of a healthy body apparently. If you’ve yet to find the sport you excel at, don’t give up. At last count there were more than 8,000 different ones out there. There’s bound to be one that meets your skill set. Not only is it a chance to get fit and learn new skills, it is also a great way to meet new people in a safe, friendly and convivial environment.

All sounds like too much effort? Well there is a middle ground. You can start following a new sport. It may not burn the calories that actually participating does, but you are still learning new strategies, rules and tactics, and there will be numerous chances to meet like-minded fans. Football, rugby, cricket, netball are passé. How about futsal, ice hockey or even dancing, like some celebrities already did?  

Eat your way to Becoming a Better Person

Photo  by  Pixabay    CC BY 0

There is a lot to be said for cooking your own food from scratch. For one thing you know exactly what you are putting in your mouth. That is something that is nigh on impossible otherwise, no matter how long you pore over the list of ingredients. For another thing, it is nowhere near as hard as you may think. Cooking is simply a matter of following simple instructions.   

Cooking fresh ingredients is also cheap, especially if you buy sensibly. It works out cheaper than buying the food already prepared for you. Think about it, why wouldn’t it be? Finally, it is also great fun. Make the cooking part of the meal experience. Cook together with your date, your partner, or just on your own. Put some music on, pour a glass of wine. It is a hell of a nicer experience than throwing it in the microwave with the EastEnders theme tune playing in the background. 

Discover a New Talent

After we leave school or university, that is it for most of us when it comes to picking up new skills. It is important for our mental wellbeing as we get older to keep our minds active. Learning something brand new is a great way of doing just that. How about finally taking the leap and picking up that guitar that’s been sat in the spare room all these years? Or wowing everyone on your next holiday in the Med by conversing with the locals in their own lingo? You never know, if it opens up rich seams of talent you never knew existed, it may even be the start of a brand new career. 


Photo   by  Lawrence Murray  CC BY SA 2.0

There are around 200 countries in the world. Each one has an identity and culture all its own, not to mention an incredible array of natural landscapes, attractions, food and experiences. Just think how varied England is. How different the Norfolk Broads are from the rugged Cornish Coast, how quaint Cotswold villages seem a million miles from the buzz of London. Multiply that by 200 and you are still not even close to imagining the incredible richness of experiences in the world just waiting to be discovered. Travelling need not be expensive. In fact, it can be very cheap, living as we do in one of the most expensive countries in the world. It is an incredible world out there. Wouldn’t it be a shame if the only way you hear about it is through somebody else’s eyes?