In a year of uncertainty, familiarity and home comforts are key and what’s more familiar than the warming feeling and inviting scent of childhood? As long-standing as the National Trust, JOHNSON’S® Baby continues to play a part in the lives of many across the nation, with over 85,000 bottles sold each day across the UK this year so far*.

As the number one baby brand in the UK, JOHNSON’S® Baby remains the leading family household favourite with the help of its Classics range. The scent of JOHNSON’S® Baby is synonymous for many with their childhood, although it seems, not always used just by the younger members of the household, with research showing that 18% of British households without children have also bought JOHNSON’S®  baby products in the last year**. While the JOHNSON’S® product range has grown over the years, the Classics range and associated nostalgia continues to stand the test of time, and with the multi-use products’ and endless possibilities for the whole family, it’s no wonder they still remain on top!

The Classics range has been a bathroom staple for families for over 125 years, and during that time their bestsellers have been adapted and specifically formulated to suit the needs of the modern family. 

With decades of pioneering research in baby care and rigorous testing, JOHNSON’S® has worked with thousands of parents to improve everything about their products. Over the past five years, JOHNSON’S® has advanced more than 90% of all industry-led research focused on understanding healthy baby’s developing skin***, ensuring they are gentle enough to be used from top to toe for everyone in the household; whether that’s for baby’s bottoms or mum’s make up bag –  you never outgrow gentle. 

Rebecca Bennett, Johnson & Johnson skincare expert, comments “Year after year we see a continued love for the JOHNSON’S® Classics range, and to know that we’re able to care for new babies, toddlers, teens and even grandparents is really special for us. Some of our most loved JOHNSON’S® products have multi-uses too, so the range can grow with you and your family. Each and every JOHNSON’S® Baby product in recent years has been reformulated to remove dyes and unwanted ingredients, meaning if they’re gentle enough for baby, they’re gentle enough for all.”

With an impressive 590 bottles sold every hour across the UK this year so far*, the JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil is a success with parents and their little ones, and with so many uses, it’s no surprise why! 

Baby skin loses moisture up to two times faster than adults. Specially designed to lock in more than double the moisture than baby lotion, the JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil is perfect for keeping delicate skin soft and feeling healthy after bath time. Use also to remove the dry flakes of cradle cap in newborns by gently massaging the scalp, waiting a few moments and combing through.

Beauty hack:  It’s important to remove your makeup before bed to prevent dryness and the build-up of bacteria on your skin. Short on time? All it takes is a cotton ball and a swipe of baby oil or a warm, damp washcloth and a squirt of JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil to clear away the day. Also try using as an alternative to nail and cuticle oil, because beautifully pampered hands are a must for the winter! 

Selling 10 bottles every minute in the UK this year so far is the JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo*. 

Specially designed to gently cleanse baby’s fine hair and delicate scalp, the JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo quickly lathers and rinses easily, leaving baby hair soft, shiny and clean. Thanks to the NO MORE TEARS® formula, splashing and playing in the bath can be a fun, tear free experience for all.

Beauty hack:  Did you know your makeup brushes can harbour bacteria? Clean your brushes weekly with the delicate lather from JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo. Hang them up, brushes facing down to air dry, and you’ll be left with clean beauty tools that smell great too! 

Last, but by no means least with 45,000 bottles sold every week in the UK this year so far, is the JOHNSON’S® Baby Lotion*.

Baby skin loses moisture up to two times faster than adults. With its nostalgic scent, the JOHNSON’S® baby lotion with coconut oil leaves delicate skin feeling soft and smooth after just one use, offering 24 hours of moisture protection. Parents can rest assured that their little one’s delicate skin will be cared for with thanks to the Clinically Proven Mildness® stamp of approval.

Beauty hack
:  Keep your legs smooth and well moisturised with JOHNSON’S® Baby Lotion. Apply a generous amount every morning to ensure they’re as soft as a baby’s bottom.

The JOHNSON’S® Classics products can be found in store and online at Superdrug as well as in all leading supermarkets.