Famous Celebrity Arsenal Fans

If we are to talk about famous celebrity Arsenal fans, we must first talk about the club itself – Arsenal. An element of the club that is one of the most important things to know is where it is based. And since Arsenal football club is based in London, England, you can get all you need to know about the English lifestyle from our articles.

The Gunner’s credentials are elite class both in the sport and on the business side as well. The club has a trophy cabinet that is amongst the most decorated in Europe. This is due to their high level of performance over the decades and their ability to attract top-quality players. This consistency has given them a large following of about 113 million supporters worldwide, which is one of the largest for a football club. Without a doubt, this level of success has handed them an advantage for financial success. And with their top-notch business model, they are recognised as the seventh most valuable football club by Forbes. This success in their finances can be seen in their move from Highbury stadium to their modern 60,000-seater Emirates stadium. In recent years, they have not been successful on the pitch. However, Arsenal ironically grows stronger financially because of their business model.

This financial and sporting prestige, alongside their worldwide clout, has managed to attract some big names amongst its 113 million supporters. Actors, musicians, and people that are actual ‘gunners’ in real life that you probably had no idea were “Gunners.” Some of these famous fans are:

1.       Matt Damon: He gave us Jason Bourne. He gave us Good Will Hunting. He gave us The Martian. If you are an Arsenal fan, you have more reason to love Matt. He first declared his support for the club in 2008. And even better, he did it while taking a jibe at bitter rivals, Tottenham. He may call it the S-word, but I’m sure all Gunners everywhere will give him a pass.

2.       Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Harry: Arsenal’s first name as a club was ‘Royal Arsenal.’ And although it is not connected, they do have a lot of Royal support. Not only are the current Queen and Prince gunners, Queen Elizabeth, the late Queen Mother, was one as well.

3.       Osama bin Laden: Look away now gunners – as we mention the most infamous of all arsenal supporters. It may be destiny, however, when you consider that the founders of the club made munitions.

4.       Idris Elba: Another remarkable actor to add to the classy list. There are not many words needed. It is Idris Elba.

5.       Piers Morgan: There is probably no figure that divides emotions more than Piers Morgan. Asides from secular topics, he has controversial opinions on the masters of the club as well. Being a television presenter of Good Morning Britain on ITV and having a large following on Twitter, his opinions are heard loud and clear as well. He could be seen today bashing club and coach decisions or taking a jibe at Ozil and Megan Rapinoe’s hairstyles. And he could be seen tomorrow trying to persuade Cristiano Ronaldo to make a move to Arsenal. One thing is clear – Piers is a red.