Everything You Need to Know to Get the Most Out of Streaming Platforms

Move over cable, digital, and even satellite TV – online movie streaming is the top-rated form of home entertainment of consumers today. Over the last few decades, people began to desire more of an at-home movie experience. The biggest issue that most movie buffs encountered was amassing a large collection of movie and television shows. Just as soon as you fleshed out your movie collection, there was a new title coming out and you had to spend even more money to claim it for your own. Today, streaming movies and videos enables TV watchers to access the titles and content that they want in real-time. Here’s all you need to know about streaming videos online and streaming platforms so you can get the most out of them.

Streaming Platforms and Ease of Access

The first time a person goes to use a streaming platform for the very first time, they are going to learn their way around the settings. The good news is that movie and video streaming platforms generally make use of visual indicators, such as thumbnail pictures of movie cover art. After you have logged in, you can either go to your profile and find the type of content you prefer, or you can search for titles by name. After visiting a new streaming platform a couple of times, you won’t find it hard to find your way around. 

Internet Speeds, Buffering, and Video Quality

The faster and more stable your internet connection, the better viewing experience you will have with any streaming platform. So, if you have a bottom-tier internet package and multiple devices are connected at the same time, you could have prolonged buffering issues when you go to watch video content online. The good news is that buffering and video quality issues don’t require a difficult fix. You can disconnect other devices you aren’t using from the web, you can upgrade your internet package, or even try making your own hotspot. Sometimes, a call to your internet company can resolve issues with slow upload and download times, too.

Streaming Platforms, IP Addresses, and International Titles

The basics of online video streaming require just a couple of simple ingredients. First, you need an internet connection that is reliable and moderately fast. Next, you need a computing device in order to view your preferred content on. Of course, you also need electricity to power your home entertainment setup. However, doing anything more means that you will need additional ingredients, so to speak. VPN for Netflix allows subscribers to enjoy the entirety of Netflix’s online video content. Instead of being restricted to titles based on your IP address, Setapp offers a suite of apps for iOS that include VPN protection. Whether you want to organize all your downloaded video titles, or keep organize your desktop so that you can navigate to your favorite streaming apps fasters, Setapp is a great solution. Keep your internet service provider from slowing down your speed when you are enjoying online video content, and get access to a bigger selection by changing your IP address at will. 

Data Usage, Downloads, and Offline Video Access

With home internet service plans, it is usually impossible for you to go over your allotted data for the month, even if you stream content constantly. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that you will always get to video clear, uninterrupted, high-definition video. A lot of the time you can improve both video quality as well as avoid data usage issues by looking into legally downloading videos entirely before watching them. There should be a way for you to have offline access to any content you download from the streaming platforms you subscribe to. This is very helpful when you want to stream content on your mobile devices as well.

Calculating Your Total Movie Streaming Bill

Like regular television, you can choose from paid and free entertainment options. Various free streaming apps are available where you can watch new movie releases, independent films, and even blockbusters over the web. By contrast, paid movie streaming services tend to have much larger content catalogs. As is the case with Netflix, subscribers also have the benefit of watching a huge collection of originally produced films, documentaries, and television shows, too. You can usually sign-up for a free trial with virtually all paid streaming services, so you don’t have to commit right away. Determining how much you pay for streaming content online is easy when you know what services you pay for and keep track of your internet bill.

Live Television Versus Pre-recorded Content

When you stream television, one big bonus that you may enjoy is the option to view content live. Consider live local television stations, sporting events, or even live news updates. Some online streaming services feature live television as their biggest perk, but remember that having access to a catalog of pre-recorded content is also valuable. Look for streaming apps from your local news stations if you want to stay up-to-date, or use a streaming platform that offers it all.  

Mobile Movie and Video Streaming

Most streaming platforms also have apps available for users who want to enjoy video entertainment while they are on the go. So, if you have a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet, there is no reason for you to miss top-rated television shows when they premiere live. These streaming apps have been developed to make it easy for you to navigate to and then start playing your favorite content right away. You may need to be mindful of your mobile data usage if you don’t have an unlimited data plan, as streaming videos live can take up a lot of bandwidth. Use a Wi-Fi hotspot if you can so that you get uninterrupted video playback while away from home. Instead of having to hop in the car and drive to a movie rental store or kiosk, online movie streaming platforms bring the entertainment directly to you. Watch a new movie release on your tablet while you travel on the train, or curl up on your couch and binge-watch the weekend away. Get more out of the streaming services you have a membership with and look for more content to enjoy.