Entertaining at home…

Entertaining at home does not have to be a daunting task. Its all about inviting friends and family over for a fun get together.

Looking for ideas for entertaining at home? This is the place to look! Here are some of our top entertaining items when it comes to attracting your guests…

Add the zest of summer to your drinks with Nim’s Infusions

Nim’s, the air-dried fruit crisp producer, has launched Nim’s Infusions, a range of air-dried citrus slices, that will liven up any drink this summer. Available in a variety of garnishes including lemon, lime, orange and ruby grapefruit.

Nim’s Infusions rehydrate in liquid and as they are air dried, a process which intensifies the taste of the fruits, they add bold natural flavour and aroma to any drink. Nim’s also offer a range of botanicals to enhance your drinks offering. From rose buds to juniper, pink peppercorns to cardamom. So, get that cocktail bar well stocked and practice your cocktail shaking or just perk up your Friday night G&T by adding a slice of Nim’s ruby grapefruit and a handful of pink peppercorns to tantalise the taste buds.

Switching to dried fruits rather than buying in and preparing fresh garnish, will save time and money and help reduce the amount of food waste created. Nim’s infusions have a shelf life of up to 3 months. The recommended serve is 1 or 2 slices per drink.

The Infusions range comprises:

  • Lemon Infusions Slices – perfect in a G&T or vodka cocktail
  • Lime Infusions Slices – adds some zing in Margaritas or with rum
  • Orange Infusions Slices – perfect with bourbon, pimms or Cointreau
  • Ruby Grapefruit Infusions Slices – try these in a grapefruit Negroni or G&T
  • Cucumber Infusions Slices – brilliant with G&T and pimms
  • Kumquat Infusions – the taste of summer, great with G&T

Individual packs available at priced from £2.50 per pack.

White Marble Cake Stands – Set Of 2

Take your baking to the next level and display your freshly crafted delicacies atop these equally impressive Set of 2 White Marble Cake Stands. Beautifully made with gold effect stands the trestle design of the pair makes for easy, space saving storage – simply pop the lower stand beneath the higher and put to one side.

Made from White Marble the Stands themselves will appear to be almost as edible as the cakes that adorn them so watch out! The perfect compliment to scrumptious luxury cakes of any variety the stands wouldn’t look out of place on the Great British Bake Off and are sure to add that extra level of sparkle to a your patiently prepared spongey showstopper. Who knows, you could be a future “star baker” in the making!

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Kombucha – naturally sugar-free sparkling waters 

Naturally sugar free with no artificial ‘nasties’, no alcohol, 100% vegan and no vinegar taste – Nexba’s new kombucha is good for the gut, mental health and waistlines, without compromising on taste.

Leading Australian soft drinks brand, Nexba, today announced its new range of Kombucha for the UK drinker, proving that gut health and great taste can go hand in hand. Available in three flavours – Strawberry & Peach, Elderflower & Lemon and Rose Lemonade – the probiotic soft drinks are made using the globally patented ‘Nexba Natural Sweetener Blend’, allowing them to be completely sugar free and contain nothing artificial at all, yet retain their bold, fruity flavours.

The drinks also contain zero alcohol and do not have the strong vinegar taste found in many other Kombucha products.

The range is part of the company’s ongoing agenda to tackle diabetes and obesity and improve gut health in the UK. In 2019, Nexba removed over 1000 tonnes of sugar from Australian diets and look to build on this success in the UK in 2020 – helping Britons to be healthier and happier.

Nexba kombucha is available now in Sainsbury’s. For more information, visit:

Tequila Rose

Tequila never tasted so good – the silky rich strawberry cream is as versatile as it is delicious. Enjoy in a shot, pour over ice, or mix in everything from killer cocktails to adult milkshakes.

For more information or for delicious cocktail ideas visit:  or

Available at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Amazon,

George Foreman Smokeless BBQ Grill

The world’s favourite electric grill brand, George Foreman, has launched a brand-new Smokeless BBQ Grill for 2020. The new model will allow diners to prepare nutritious grilled food, packed with delicious smokey flavours, without any lingering greasy smells or a smoke filled room, meaning you can enjoy barbecued food all year round.

The versatile Smokeless BBQ Grill lets you grill with less mess and up to 80% less smoke*** thanks to its new Smokeless Technology and titanium infused non-stick coating. The grill plate is designed to direct hot fat into the drip tray underneath, cooling it immediately, and eliminating the burning that creates the smoke and smell.

Currently available at Argos, the new grill is loaded with features to make cooking and entertaining large groups easier than ever. Variable heat controls for even and precise cooking means this grill offers endless recipe options, is a great talking point and adds a touch of theatre to dinner parties.

For ease of use and storage, the Smokeless BBQ Grill can be stored vertically and all elements snap-in together to save space. The grill plates use an industry-leading titanium infused non-stick coating for added durability and they’re easily removeable for cleaning, as well as being dishwasher safe.

Spectrum Brands, Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Dominic Lewis commented; “The Smokeless Grill is an exciting addition to the ever-expanding George Foreman range. We want to change the way people entertain and enjoy their food, whilst also keeping the same quality and favourite features people associate with other George Foreman Grills.”

“We feel this product is a genuine game changer for the brand, and one we believe brings a touch of theatre to kitchens up and down the country.”

For some mouthwatering recipe inspiration visit:

RRP: £69.99

Available from: Argos


The Üllo Wine Purifier is high-end table-top accessory which removes sulphites from wine. Sulphites are added to preserve wine during transit but are unnecessary once the bottle is opened and cause a bitter taste.

Selective Sulphite Capture™ technology vastly improves the taste and texture of wine making it taste as if you’re drinking it straight from the vineyard.  Many customers say that they would ‘never go back’ to unfiltered wine, and some find that they wake up the next day hangover free!

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STRYYK Not Gin is a delicious distilled non-alcoholic alternative to London dry gin made from a combination of coriander, sage, basil and juniper.

Simply STRYYK your G&T, Bramble, or any other gin cocktail, or use it as the base for a new creation.

It’s 100% natural with no sugar, no fat, no carbs and no artificial flavours.

Distilled and bottled in the UK.

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STRYYK Not Rum blends sweet sugar cane and raisin notes with characteristic vanilla and oakwood tones to create a perfectly balanced non-alcoholic spiced rum alternative.

STRYYK your rum & cola, mojito, or any other rum-based cocktail, or simply use as a base for a new creation.

It’s 100% natural with no fat, no carbs and no artificial flavours.

Distilled and bottled in the UK.

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STRYYK Not Vodka combines the warming spice of capsicum with the cooling notes of cucumber and menthol, emulating the characteristics of a classic pure vodka.

Simply STRYYK your vodka, soda & lime, pornstar martini or any other vodka cocktail, or use as the base for a new creation.

It’s 100% natural with no fat, no carbs and no artificial flavours.

Distilled and bottled in the UK.

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Mr Lee’s Noodles 

All the noodles are low in sugar, low in calories and certified gluten free with two vegan flavours available.

Not just tasty but easy on the environment too, Mr Lee’s has introduced a removable paper sleeve to make sure that they are fully recyclable, doing everything possible to protect the environment.

Mr Lee’s are available from ASDA, Ocado, Amazon and Mr Lee’s online shop and will be available in Holland and Barrett mid-July. RRP: £2.50 per pot.

For more information visit

Happy Entertaining!