Enhance your hallway space…

Many times the hallway of the home is ignored when decorating, however in most cases it is your homes first impression.

A hallway can be the optimum space to display artwork, family photos or other collections for the wall especially if you don’t have the space in other areas of the home.

If you’re blessed with space in your  hallway, and you want to create a more relaxed feel to your space, an unfitted storage unit is worth a thought.

Opting for an all-in-one unit that combines a coat rack with hallway shoe storage and a spot to sit down maximises space while functioning as an attractive addition.

Bounce Loves…

St Ives Natural Oak and Light Grey Painted Hallway Unit with Plain Beige Fabric Hallway Pad

Dimensions: (W) 118.5CM x (H) 197CM x (D) 40CM
Finish: Natural Solid Oak & Grey Painted

Full of personality, the St. Ives grey hallway stand is a great piece of furniture to store your current coats, bags, and shoes.

Streamline leaving the house, getting shoes on in comfort on the cushioned bench seat. Store shoes in the eight cubbyholes, and dress the rest of the hall tidy to make the most of your hallway.

The sturdy top shelf can be used for baskets of scarves and hats. Strong hooks hold your coats and bags. The whole piece offers a breathing space whenever you leave the house, or come home. The shoe bench is also available separately.

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