Ella’s Kitchen

Ella’s Kitchen’s mission is to improve children’s lives through developing healthy relationships with food.

What started as a promise between a dad and his daughter continues to be their driving force; it’s why they are in business.

As the UK’s number 1 baby food brand, they strive to be a pioneering voice on early childhood nutrition.

Their colourful little pouches are brilliant in so many ways – they’re lightweight, convenient and they keep their yummy organic food tasty and safe for little ones. But we know that it’s really important that their packaging does all of that, whilst having a smaller impact on our planet.

See below video of how they are achieving this…

On their website you will find a range of baby food recipes – there are over 70 quick + easy recipes for you and your little one to make at home!

From very first tastes all the way to the big table, there’s something yummy for the whole family to enjoy!

The product range starts at 4 months + so there is plenty of time to discover what your little one loves to eat. There yummy organic foods are made with just good stuff that’s best for tiny tummies. We work reeally hard to make sure all of our products are Healthy, Handy and Fun!

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